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Hot Shot

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Like a Mini Pack of Powerful Lightning Bolts!

You can now pack 11 million volts of self protection on your hip. No one will even notice, because the Stun Master Hot Shot stun gun looks almost like a Blackberry, or other hand held mobile device.

A short blast from this almost invisible personal and powerful protection device will give anyone silly enough to attack you an exclusive muscle massage that will render them incapable of managing much more than drooling for about five to ten minutes.

The difference with this device is the placement of the button on the face of the unit instead of on the side where most reside. This is a neat little option which really depends on your personal preference. If you were to hold this toward someone and give them a warning discharge, you'd look very in control. If they want to test you, then you can give them the full Monty.

Shove it in their neck, their side, groin or anywhere you are able and let them get several seconds of debilitating electrical waves overtaking their ability to voluntarily use their muscles. The longer you hold it on them, the more effective it is.

Palm Sized Mini Stun Device

With a dazzling 11,000,000 volts, the Hot Shot stun gun has the power of Mickey Mantle's bat, combined with the element of surprise. This palm sized mini stungun sits on your hip till you're ready to take it out and defend yourself.

A sleekly designed super stopper that is equipped with a safety switch and an illuminated red light that tells you it's ready to unleash hell on your aggressor. It's a real hotshot!

Comes with three lithium batteries and detachable stainless steel belt clip. "Best Quality/Best buy." Order yours today!

Some states have restrictions on Stun Devices. Check if your state has restrictions here: Shipping Restrictions

Hot Shot Stun Gun


Hot Shot - Stun Master stun gun

  • Only 3" tall
  • Uses 3 CR123A Lithium Batteries
    (included FREE) $10.00 value
  • 11,000,000 volts
  • FREE Stainless Steel Belt Clip
  • Life Time Warranty (yep, quits working, we replace it.)

Comes with FREE batteries and belt clip

I bought one to hold me off until I can get my carrying permit. Its small, lightweight and packs a punch. I took a 2 second hit in the ribs from a friend just to see what kind of power it has. I couldn't help but back away and fall to my knees. This is a good stun gun. Sounds intimidating as well.
My wife is a Judge. She will not venture out to even shop or buy groceries. I am 59, ex-military and not the fighter I once was, however, every confrontation has ended peaceably without serious injury because of your product. I have a permit for a firearm but the stun master is just enough. Thanks for the weapon. If you have any more good buys let me know.
Don Heaton - Easley, SC
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