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Sling Shot


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Wrist braced slingshot folds down to a compact size and can launch your ammo out to a 100 yards. Of course, for practical target shooting purposes, you won't be trying to hit anything that far out but the energy released with this is powerful. This pocket sized sling shot is a high impact weapon. It has a lightweight aluminum frame and split leather pouch.

This slingshot is perfect for vermin control or for just having fun.

A sling shot is a good addition to your survival kit. Besides it's hunting attribute, a sling shot can also provide a recreational activity that can keep you from getting bored awaiting rescue during downtime.

Explosive Power with the Accuracy to Back it Up!

Slingshots are loads of fun. In no time at all, you be able to hit your target every shot. Paintballs, steelie shot, and extra sling shot bands with ammo are also available.

High Velocity Folding Slingshot


slingshot sling shot

  • Folding Wrist Lock
  • Surgical Latex Power Bands
  • Firm Positive Grip for Steady Aim and Superior Accuracy

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