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Pistol Crossbow - 80lb

This 80lb pistol crossbow is more powerful and a step up from our 50lb pistol crossbow. It sports an aluminum die-cast body, a fiberglass bow, safety, adjustable sights for windage and elevation, and a foot pull for easy cocking. The 80lb pistol crossbow comes with 3 aluminum arrows with metal tips.

NEVER dry fire (shooting without an arrow loaded) your pistol crossbow or you will wear out the string very quickly and can also damage the bow. Extra arrows, string, and wax available. Reapply wax after every 8-10 shots to prolong string life.

This is not a highend pistol crossbow as you can guess by it's low cost. However, it is a great starter for practicing and getting aquainted with crossbows. Pistol crossbow can be used for hunting small game and getting rid of vermin. Please follow local hunting regulations if using for hunting.

Great for target practice!

80lb pistol crossbow

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