Your Brain Is Your Best Self Defense Weapon

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Brain Self Defense

When you’re under attack, your most prized weapon won’t be your stun gun or your martial art skills. Indeed, what will be able to help you most and get you out of trouble isn’t something you’ve bought or learned but rather, something you have with you all your life: your brain.


Don’t Panic
Panic is arguably your brain’s greatest opponent when you’re under attack. Once panic enters your mind and takes control, you will become unable to protect yourself because panic is making you think that anything you do is futile. If you want to defend yourself against an attack, the first thing you need to do is not to panic and become hysterical.

Stay in Control
It’s alright to be afraid. Fear is a natural reaction and it can even help you become more cautious. It helps you choose between smart and stupid risks. Fear can even prevent dangerous things from happening. Fear commonly acts together with instinct, and if your survival instincts are warning you away from something or someone, it’s best to pay attention to them and go the other way.

But fear can also defeat you if, as with panic, you allow it to take over your brain. Fear can render you immobile and make you indecisive at the worst possible moment. If you’re under attack, it’s alright to acknowledge your fear but make sure that you’re able to move and think in spite of it.

Be Flexible
Don’t let ego overpower your common sense. Yes, you have your stun gun with you. Yes, you’re a proud black belter. But if there are options available, options that won’t put you in a direct confrontation with your would-be attacker, then it’s important to seize such options. Better be safe and silly than sorry and hurt!

Your mind must also be flexible enough to accept what’s happening. Let’s say you’ve taken all the necessary precautions and yet you still find yourself under attack. Accept that and defend yourself. You’ll only put yourself at greater risk denying reality.

Find Out What They Want
It’s important to determine your attacker’s objectives as early as possible. This way, you’ll know if what he’s after is something worth fighting over. Make sure that you don’t make any assumptions as those can get you into further trouble.

Don’t Give Up
Your body obeys your mind and it should never be the other way around. Even if you’re physically hurt, you need to understand that yielding to your attacker will only put you in further pain. Don’t let your brain give up thinking of ways to save yourself and you’ll come out all right.

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The floor is yours!

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