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Who Really Needs to Learn Self Defense

Posted by   Steve Thibeault
Private Investigator

You may have come across the announcement in your community center, on the bulletin board of your university, or through your local paper. You see an offering for a self defense class, and you begin to walk away, look away, or turn the pages again. It's not the class for me, you think, confident that you have a car so that you don't have to walk home, a friend to walk home with you so that you don't need to walk alone, and even a house equipped with the latest in security electronics so that you don't have to worry about being robbed. However, did you know that a lot of people actually need self defense classes, and they may not even know it?

There are actually professions that should not be undertaken without some knowledge of basic self defense. Check out this list and see if you have any of the qualities that should make you start thinking twice about your hesitance to taking self defense classes.

Private Investigator

1. Private Investigator, or any job that requires you to do things on the sly. Not all private investigating jobs simply involve going through emails and hacking into online accounts. They involve going into people's private lives, finding the dust and dirt hidden there, and possibly getting yourself discovered. Not everyone relishes the idea of being snuck on, so you may find yourself at the receiving end of a very angry fist if you are not careful.


2. Secretary, or any job that requires you to coordinate closely with people and stay for a long time at the office. Not all secretaries have to stay for long hours or fetch coffee for a thousand people at once. But secretaries, in general, have to work very closely with bosses who might not be the most righteous, let alone the most gentle people on the planet. They have to stay late at night when company events force them to do more coordination and event planning work. These make secretaries fodder for predators, and therefore they too, need to learn self-defense.


3. Cashier, or anyone who has to work at a convenience store, especially at unholy hours. This seems to be common sense: a cashier or someone who works late at a convenience store can be susceptible to attacks. But did you know that someone who works at a shipment hold is susceptible as well? Someone who has to ship something has something that is worth money, and that person can be attacked by an enterprising someone.

Laboratory research associate and workers

4. Laboratory research associates and workers, or anyone who stays at the lab late at night. Many laboratories, especially those in research universities, are placed in faraway locations. Many people who work in laboratories also do not have the nine-to-five jobs that the rest of the world has. They can spend hours upon hours in the laboratory, and they may go home late, and alone. This can make them easy prey for attackers.

Call center worker

5. Call center workers, and other employees working on the night shift. For countries that are sources of outsourcing jobs from the US, employment by a call center is common. This also means that employees have to coordinate their work hours with their prospective customers from the other side of the globe. This means working late hours on the night shift, and this can be dangerous. Self-defense know-how is essential for surviving such a job.


6. Students, and anyone who takes way too many risks. Although this isn't technically a job, if you are a student, you may have part-time jobs, and you may party a lot. You might also be taking risks with walking alone and driving alone late at night. Self defense classes can be your best friend in your bid to win security for yourself.

Who else do you think need learn self defense?


The floor is yours!

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