Why a Video Surveillance System Is Key for Home Security

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Video Surveillance

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home.

But homes without security systems are 300% more likely to suffer a break-in. So can you really afford to skip having a robust security system?

Video surveillance forms the backbone of any comprehensive home security strategy. Below, we’ll look at some of the reasons it’s so important.


Before we even get to actual crimes, let’s talk about deterrence.

Deterrence Stop Sign

Even the sight of a video surveillance system is enough to discourage some criminals. The psychology of being watched is powerful.

Visible video surveillance can make use of that psychology to discourage attempts even when it isn’t plugged in. Just having visible cameras can be enough to deter 60% of criminals.

To make the most of this deterrence, you should position your cameras in visible spots rather than trying to hide them. The more visible your cameras, the more effective the deterrence.

You can even use signage to tell would-be intruders that the site is protected.

Helping Police

If the worst should happen and you experience a break-in or vandalism, then video surveillance could be critical to the investigation.

Footage can help the police piece together details like the methods used and details about the suspects. Police might be able to determine a vehicle registration or at least a description of the vehicle used. They can also spot any accomplices, or find suspicious patterns of activity from previous days.

All of these might lead to an arrest. You might even recoup your losses. At the very least, you could at least get some justice.

Being the victim of burglary or vandalism can leave you feeling hurt and powerless. A video security system can give you a way to fight back.

Sadly, many police forces face increasing strain in the modern world. As major crimes and terrorism increase, police resources for lesser crimes are dwindling.

That means your surveillance system could mean the difference between closure on a break-in or the case being closed without a conclusion. Police are more and more encouraging homeowners to install CCTV for this reason.

Live Monitoring

Nobody likes to hear unusual sounds around their property.

Having cameras watching the perimeter can give you peace of mind if you do suspect a break-in or trespassing.

With modern surveillance, you can even monitor the video when you’re away from home. This is brilliant for owners who are away from home for prolonged periods, or even just those on vacation.

By occasionally checking in to find out what’s going on at your property, you can be assured of your home’s security and focus on whatever else it is that you’re doing.

This feature can be especially helpful for vulnerable people or those with low mobility. Elderly homeowners can find it exhausting to cross their premises just to check a noise.

It also puts them at risk of violence if a criminal act is underway. Live monitoring systems can take the risk out of the situation.

And if you do use a combination of motion sensors and live monitoring, you could have an early warning to a crime in progress. This gives a lot more time to contact the police and ensure the criminals don’t gain further access to the property.

Monitoring Visitors

If you have staff working at your home, a surveillance system can help keep them honest. Or if you’ve left your home in the hands of family, you can make sure they’re using your property responsibly.

Monitor Visitors

We mentioned being watched acts as a deterrent. This also goes for people doing their jobs. With surveillance, you can rest assured that your staff is doing what you’re paying them for. In the event of irregularities like missing items, you may also have video evidence for criminal proceedings.

This can be an excellent tool for resolving disputes with staff. In a worst-case scenario, it can even provide you some legal backing in a dispute situation.

If you’ve left your home in the hands of a family member, you can also check in to see it’s being used to throw wild parties.

This is great news for any homeowners who don’t feel they can rely on trust to protect their property.

Keep Your Community Safer

Surveillance has an effect beyond the immediate protection of your property. With surveillance in place, you actually make your larger community safer.

Your cameras won’t just deter criminals from your home, but also potentially keep your neighbors safe, too. It won’t always be clear to thieves and vandals where your cameras are pointing.

And when those criminals are turned away, they’ll leave your overall community safer. The brave criminals will end up caught on camera, and the cowardly ones will be turned away by the security system.

It can also serve as a key weapon for a neighborhood watch. On the outside of your home, cameras will likely pick up some public property, so it can be used to combat local graffiti and vandalism as well.

Of course, there’s a compound effect in play here. Your cameras might inspire your neighbors to do the same. Before long, your whole neighborhood could be protected by cameras.

Even better, this won’t just stop hardened criminals. Even young troublemakers and opportunists might think twice about hanging out in your area if you have a full video surveillance network in place at all times.

Backing Up Insurance Claims

Nobody has fun dealing with insurance. It can be expensive and finicky when it comes time to make a claim. Video surveillance can help with this in two significant ways.

Simply having a security system in place can lower your premiums. Insurance companies understand that a security system is a deterrent to thieves. That means they’re less likely to have to pay out anything. Cheaper insurance premiums alone could be enough to cover the cost of a security system, especially over time.

That means they’re less likely to have to pay out anything. Cheaper insurance premiums alone could be enough to cover the cost of a security system, especially over time.

Secondly, footage from your video surveillance can be helpful when it comes to an insurance claim. It can prove you didn’t leave your doors unlocked, for instance. Then you can prove you’re not liable for the losses incurred.

Insurance companies will typically leave the burden of proof with you, and they don’t make their money by paying out for claims, so it’s handy to have this extra tool on your side.

It’s Low Maintenance

Although video surveillance might take some initial time and money to set up, it represents an excellent investment.

Unlike other security measures, cameras are very low maintenance. You can pretty much forget about them once they’re installed. You only have to consult them if you need them. All you’ll need to do is occasionally clean them and call in the experts for a check-up every so often.

Particularly if you have motion-sensing cameras, you won’t even need to do all the legwork yourself. Motion sensors will alert you to any movement outside of what you expect.

For people who find themselves burdened by ‘life admin’, video surveillance offers a great way to protect your home without having to take on extra responsibilities. It also requires little ongoing cost. Once the initial purchase has been made, you won’t have to sink much more into it.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

It’s easy to think that video surveillance will cost a lot. But thanks to advances in technology and greater demand, that’s no longer the case.

Although you can splurge on a top-of-the-line CCTV system, it’s just as feasible to go for a cheaper package that will meet the needs of your home. Video surveillance is available at a whole range of price points now, so be sure to shop around and find the right price for you.

If you want to make the most of the deterrence but can’t afford a full security system, you can even invest in some dummy cameras to place around your house. This won’t give you the full advantages of a genuine video surveillance system, but it might discourage some criminals.

It’s the Missing Link

If you have other security measures but don’t already have video, then it’s the missing link in your chain of security.

When you’ve already invested so much in your security, should you really skip one of the most fundamental features? This could mean you’ve thrown away a lot of money without receiving full protection in return.

Most security features are only useful for stopping or discouraging crime. Only video systems go the extra step to catch criminals after a crime has been committed. You might find yourself distraught that your expensive security didn’t get you the justice you were after if the worst should happen.

Safer Home

Video Surveillance for a Safer Home

As we’ve now covered, there are a considerable number of advantages to having a home video surveillance system. Together with other security features, they could mean the difference between losing your cherished possessions and enjoying them forever.

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The floor is yours!

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