Top Self-Defense Tactics Everyone Should Know

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Self Defense Tactics

Many Americans believe that the United States is a more dangerous place than it used to be. They’re not exactly wrong.

Unfortunately, violent crime continues to increase throughout the country. People don’t trust law enforcement or the government as much as they used to. Protests erupt almost every week.

Tensions are high. People want to feel safe. That’s why self-defense is so important.

Effective Self Defense Tactics

But what if you don’t have the time or money for professional self-defense classes? Can you still learn the skills you need to know in order to defend yourself?

Yes, you can. There are quite a few self-defense tactics that everyone should know. As long as you are persistent and keep practicing these tactics at home, you will be able to use them.

Want to learn more? Read on to discover the top self-defense tactics that will keep you safe and secure when you need it most.

What’s the Best Form of Self-Defense?

It’s very important to know how to defend yourself against potential attackers. But the best form of self-defense is actually prevention.

What do we mean by that? It’s simple: prevent the bad situation from happening by being smart and vigilant.

Prevention as a defense

The sad truth is that criminals can be anyone from anywhere. There are no true "safe places". You have to make where you are safe.

Be alert. Always look around to make sure no one is following you to your car or behaving oddly around you.

Park your car in a well-lit area. Stay out of dark places whenever you can. Don’t underestimate how important light can be.

Travel in groups when you can. Attackers typically seek out people who are by themselves. If you’re with others, you’re less likely to be targeted.

Carry a strong pepper spray or a TASER device. Neither of these is guaranteed to take down your attacker. However, they will certainly help if someone dangerous approaches you.

Attack the Head

Sometimes, an attack is just unpreventable. If someone goes after you, you need to know how to fight back against them and where to hit them.

The head has a few main spots that you can attack and do some damage.

Go after the eyes. Try poking or scratching your attacker’s eyes as hard as you can. It will cause the attacker to become disoriented and give you the best chance to escape.

Hit your attacker in the nose. Aim for the nasal bones and use the heel of your palm or your elbow to hit upwards. Make sure to put the weight of your entire body behind it.

Palm Heel Strike to the Nose

Target the neck and throat. Hit your attacker as hard as you can with the inner part of your palm.

Keep your fingers straight and hold them tightly together. Make sure your thumb is tucked and bent a little bit at the knuckle.

Keep your strike quick and strong. It can stunt your attacker.

One area that not many people think about attacking is the ears. They can be weak points, too, though.

Try doing an ear clap. Cup your one hand and use it to hit your attacker’s ear in one strong, fast motion.

If done correctly, this will cause your attacker to bend his head to the side. That’s when you punch him with your other hand.

Attack the Lower Body

If you don’t have the opportunity to go after weak points on your attacker’s head, try hitting his lower body.

The most obvious weak point for a man is the groin. Since it's very likely that your attacker will be male rather than female, you can bet on the groin being a good place to hit.

Groin Kick Tactic

A simple and efficient self defense tactic to defend oneself from an attacker is to kick him in the groin and run. It will take your attacker a long time to recover from any damage to his groin area.

Another spot to attack is the center of the torso. This spot may be one of the easiest weak points to hit if your attacker is a tall man.

You will want to hit your attacker right above his stomach and underneath his ribs. For this hit, you will want to use your fist or your elbow. Be sure to put your whole body behind it for the best result.

The last lower body areas that you should know to attack are the knees and shins. Instead of punching or elbowing, you are going to want to kick your attacker’s knee or shin to knock him down.

When using your legs to kick, you mainly want to stick to lower body weak points. They are easier to attack with your legs.

Plus, you don’t want to give your attacker the opportunity to grab your foot or leg when you fight against him.

Escape Moves

Learning how to escape certain holds is just as important as learning how to attack. There are a couple of escape moves that every person should know.

First, let’s talk about how to escape from a wrist hold. To break free, you will want to identify the weak point of the grab, which is between the attacker’s thumb and his four fingers.

Then you will need to rotate your arm so that the narrow part of it is at the weak point. After that, you will want to push your hand in that same direction. Then you should be free.

Another type of hold that is important to know how to escape from is the bear hug. There a couple of different techniques that you can use in order to break free.

First, try to stomp your attacker’s feet. This technique tends to work pretty well, especially for women who are wearing heels.

Another self defense tactic you can try is using your elbows to hit your attacker’s head. You won’t be able to turn and punch when you’re stuck in this hold. Your elbows are your only chance of attacking his upper body.

Bear Hug Escape

Lastly, you can try to pull your attacker’s fingers towards the back of his hand. This should make him let go of the hold and allow you to escape.

Learn Other Self Defense Tactics

Do you have any other techniques or skills that you use to defend yourself? What about the types of gear that you use to protect you and your loved ones?

Comment below and let us know! Also, be sure to reach out to us if you want to upgrade your self-defense devices.


The floor is yours!

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