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The Many Home Uses Of An Infrared Motion Sensor Alarm

Posted by   Steve Thibeault
infrared motion alarm

If you’re looking to upgrade your home security system, you’ll definitely want to look into a motion detecting device. An infrared motion sensor alarm can be a huge asset. If you’re interested in keeping your home safe and secure, this is something that you want to have.

While many businesses use alarms like these, they can be particularly beneficial in the home. If you invest in a motion sensor alarm, you’ll be able to find all kinds of uses for it.

Here are a few of the things that a motion sensor can do for you:

1. It Can Detect Intruders

Infrared Motion SensorIf there’s an intruder in your home, the sensor will be able to notice it. You will instantly be alerted if someone is moving around in your home.

Because these alarms detect motion, there won’t be any false alarms. The sensors will only go off if someone is moving in your home. It’ll be able to spot intruders and notify you so that you can do something about it.

If you have a complete security system, the sensors will send an alert to your control panel. Your security company will see that someone is in your home, and they will be able to contact the proper authorities.

2. It Can Work Without Electricity

Sometimes, people who break into homes cut the power lines. That way, they can get into a home without tripping the security system.

However, a lot of motion sensor alarms can work without electricity. Many have back up batteries, which means that intruders will be caught even if the power is off.

If you want to keep your home secure, you need a security system that will work in all kinds of situations. This type of motion sensor will keep you safe whether the power is on or off. You’ll always have the protection that you need.

3. It Can Detect Body Heat

These alarms don’t just detect movement. Intruders won’t be able to get around them by staying very still. These alarms are also able to detect body heat. Anyone will eventually be caught, even if they are completely motionless.

Your sensor will be able to detect movement, but it will also be able to detect heat in the surrounding area. This is a type of security that no thief will be able to elude. Once the sensors are tripped, the intruder won’t have any recourse. They will get caught, and your home will stay safe.

4. It Can Record Footage

In some cases, an intruder runs away from a home as soon as they realize that there is an alarm. However, many motion sensors start recording as soon as they are tripped. You’ll get footage of the intruder even if they flee before police arrive.

You can pass that footage on to the police, and they can use it to catch the criminal. The intruder will be charged for their crimes, and the streets will be safer. You won’t have to worry about any break-ins in the future. Your security system will help your whole neighborhood to remain safe.

5. It Can Catch More Than Intruders

When you have a motion sensor alarm, you won’t just be notified of intruders. You’ll also be able to track the behavior of your teens.

It’s very common for teenagers to sneak out. However, if you have a motion detector, this isn’t something that they will be able to easily do. If the alarm is on, they will wind up tripping it, and you’ll be notified of their actions.

Parenting a teen can be extremely challenging. It can be very difficult to keep teens out of trouble. A system like this can provide parents with some options. They’ll have ways to keep their teens from doing things that will put them into danger.

Motion Alarm with Keypad6. They Can Avoid False Alarms

If you’ve had a security system in the past, you know that false alarms can be an issue. However, the state of the art technology that these kinds of devices use keep false alarms to a minimum.

In many cases, a passive sensor is combined with another kind of sensor, like a microwave sensor. You can set things up so that the alarm will only be tripped if both sensors go off. You’ll be able to keep your home safe, but you’ll also be able to avoid having to deal with false alarms.

Home security should be of the utmost importance to you. A security system isn’t just about protecting your home; it is about protecting all of the people that live within it.

If you want to keep your home safe, you’ll want to use the best technology on the market. An infrared motion sensor alarm is ideal for home use. Look into installing an alarm like this in your home.


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