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The Long and Short of the Telescopic Police Baton: What It Is, Why It Works

Posted by   Steve Thibeault
Police Baton - What is it?

One of the most important principles that people should remember about self defense is that in an emergency, anyone could – and should – be able to use anything that can be used as a weapon against an attacker. But that can only happen in a perfect world – or in the movies. In most cases, people do have to proactively arm themselves with tools and gadgets that could help them to either deter an attack or fight off an attacker. One such tool is the police baton, a simple device that’s designed for efficiency against an attacker.

police batonWhat is a telescopic police baton?

A telescopic police baton is a long, solid stick that is usually made from steel or wood, usually coated to reinforce the material. It resembles the regular baton that police officers carry although telescopic batons can be extended in length and collapsed again. This allows you to make use of a longer reach, which could be an advantage during an attack.

The telescopic police batons being sold these days usually extend to three standard lengths: 16″, 21″ and 26″, although there are batons that could extend up to 29″ or even 31″. The user can choose from among these lengths depending on what he needs at a particular moment.

Advantages of the telescopic police baton

One of the best advantages of the telescopic police baton is that it can be used regardless of its length. It is as effective for disarming or disabling an attacker when it is collapsed as when it is extended. A collapsed telescopic police baton works well for close contact defense while an extended baton is excellent for physical contact that requires longer reaches (taller attacker, multiple attackers or if you wish to maintain distance).

The police baton can also offer a psychological form of intimidation to a would-be attacker not just because of its length but also because of the sound it makes when extended. The baton has the potential to discourage an attacker from advancing further, preventing the use of physical force.

Another advantage of the telescopic police baton is that it can be extremely effective for taking down an aggressive person without requiring you to use your hands or fists. This can be especially convenient for people who:

– don’t have training in self defense
– are physically weak or disadvantaged (shorter and lighter than the attacker)
– elderly or has a physical condition


Most telescopic police batons being sold today have add-ons. The endcap of the baton can be removed and replaced with one of two options. One is a baton light that you can turn on and off when you need additional lighting.The other is a glass breaker.

Police Baton LightWindow Shatterer for Retractable Steel Baton

The glass breaker can be used to bust out windows. On it’s own, it can also be used to jab into someone causing extreme pain.


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