The 4 Best Styles of Martial Arts for Self Defense

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Martial Arts for Self Defense

We love to watch movies where martial arts experts and action stars kick butt. But how practical are most of their moves in a real-world "fight for your life" scenario?

If you're a bit skeptical, that skepticism is well-placed. A lot of what you see is highly choreographed or would only really work if you had years of training.

But there are some styles that are easy to learn and apply in an attack. And if you're ever in a life and death situation, you'd greatly benefit from picking up some moves from these martial arts styles.

Let's explore the best martial arts for self defense.


Aikido originated in Japan and is known as the "peaceful fighting system".

Rather than placing emphasis on hurting an opponent, aikido techniques involve very strategic grabbing, leveraging and tripping to disarm and redirect their power. This gives you the upper hand or allows you time to flee.


It does include strikes. But the goal of Aikido isn't to trade punches and roundhouses, but to strike fast, where it counts to end the altercation quickly with you walking away.

Add to this their emphasis on safe-falling and leaping up from the ground without using your hands and you can name Aikido among the martial arts for self defense that you want to know.

Jeet Kune Do

Bruce Lee showed us that size doesn't really matter if you understand how to use your height to your advantage.

Jeet Kune Do

This martial art focuses on quickly adapting in order to use your surroundings in the fight. Additionally, you'll learn to stay fluid and unpredictable as you distract your opponent to catch the assailant off guard.

Particularly if you're smaller than the person attacking you, you can use your speed and low center of gravity to gain the upper hand against a heavier attacker.

Jiu Jitsu

This form of martial arts for self defense is most akin to wrestling. It involves grappling and immobilizing your assailant. 

Jiu Jitsu

While you might think that you need a lot of upper body strength to immobilize someone, Jiu Jitsu teaches you otherwise. It's all about understanding how to get your opponent into the right position. Once there, you put pressure in the right place to take him/her down.

Krav Maga

You may think of Japan, Korea, China, and Thailand when we use the word martial arts, but this martial art was developed by a Hungarian-Israeli in the 1930s and means "contact combat" in Hebrew.

This art focuses on conflict avoidance as your primary defense. But should you be required to fight it out, this style teaches you to strike hard and fast with continuous strikes until your opponent is decapacitated.

The idea is to never let the aggressor get a punch in as they rethink whether you're an easy target.

Martial Arts for Self Defense and More

Regardless of who you are or where you are, attacks happen. We all need self-defense at some point in our lives.

Learning techniques and investing in self defense products can help you stay safer and have peace of mind.

Check out our wide array of self defense products to help you stay safe.


The floor is yours!

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