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Site was fairly easy to navigate. Pretty well organized.
So far works good thankyou
Everything as advertised with prompt service and delivery.
Made very well. I didn’t expect it to be so heavy. But the shipping process was quick n overall it is a good effective self defense product.
Great site! Easy to navigate.
True to their word.
good site. easy to navigate.
The site worked well.
Excellent site, easy to navigate and very informative about the products they offer.
Great products received in a timely manner look forward to more from this company
Great site, easy to use.
Ships very fast.
The product was as good as it was advertised.
Good website. Poor customer service...no one answers the phone nor calls you back.
Love the product! The 21" is the perfect size. The handle is comfortable and has a good grip it extends easily with a flip of the wrist. My only wish is that it would come with a wrist strap! To keep it from coming out of the hand.
Haven't tried it out yet, but how on earth do you try out this product without testing it on a friend.?
haven't used it yet but it's easy to carry and it sure zaps!
Very solid construction. I bought this baton for personal protection on long walks. At first it seemed a bit heavy and wondered if I should have gone for the smaller size, but it just takes a little getting used to. I noticed that the baton fits very tightly into the holster and if you need to pull it out quick, it might stick. I tried different things, but found that adding talcum powder to the business end of the baton and then sliding it in and out will make the draw easier.