Telescopic Baton

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These collapsible batons expand to either 16, 21, or 26-inch lengths with just a flick of the wrist. Holster Included.

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Telescopic Baton

Our Telescopic Batons are designed for both defense and convenience. Available in 16 inches, 21 inches, and 26 inches, these expandable steel batons are perfect for personal security and law enforcement. The 21-inch version is the most popular for its balance of size and reach. With just a flick of the wrist, you can extend this baton to its full length, ready to defend yourself in any situation.

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Easily Concealable and Quick to Deploy

The telescopic baton fits perfectly on your belt or next to you in your car. Compact and discreet, it can be easily hidden and quickly extended with a flick of the wrist. Once extended, the positive locking system ensures it stays in place, providing reliable protection when you need it most.

Retractable Metal Batons

telescopic steel baton, expandable

Key Features

  • Multiple Sizes: Available in 16", 21", and 26" to suit your personal defense needs. Each size offers different advantages, whether you prefer a more compact option or a longer reach.
  • Positive Locking Mechanism: Ensures the baton remains securely extended, providing confidence that it will perform when needed. This feature is crucial in high-stress situations where reliability is paramount.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Designed for a comfortable and secure grip during use. The handle's texture improves grip, even in wet conditions.
  • Heavy-Duty Nylon Holster: Included for convenient carrying and quick deployment. The holster is designed to be worn on a belt, making the baton easily accessible at all times.

Positive locking system. Once it's out, it's out. It uses a friction lock and will not collapse when you need it extended.

Tip: To close the police baton, strike straight down on an unyielding surface.

Retractable Baton Closing Instructions

Closed Steel Batons

closed steel batons

Choosing the Right Size

  • 16-inch Baton: Ideal for those seeking a compact and easily concealable option. This size is perfect for everyday carry and can be easily stored in a small bag or purse.
  • 21-inch Baton: This is the most popular choice, offering a balanced reach and portability. It provides an excellent compromise between size and effectiveness, making it suitable for a wide range of users.
  • 26-inch Baton: Provides maximum reach for enhanced defense capabilities. This size is ideal for those who prefer a longer baton for increased reach and impact.

Telescopic Steel Baton Sizes

Approximate sizes

Extended Size Closed Length Weight
1. 16 inch expandable batons 6 3/4 inches .86lb
2. 21 inch expandable batons 8 1/4 inches 1.05lb
3. 26 inch expandable batons 10 inches 1.23lb

Extended Telescopic Steel Baton

Watch Video How to Extend and Collapse the Telescopic Baton

Effective Self-Defense

These batons are ideal for both offensive and defensive techniques, making them a versatile choice for real-world self-defense situations. The steel construction provides durability and the necessary weight for effective strikes, while the rubberized grip ensures control during use.

Convenient Carry Options

Each telescopic baton comes with a nylon holster that can be securely attached to your belt. The holster includes a hook and loop strap for added security, ensuring your baton is always within reach. The compact design allows for easy storage in a car door pocket or under a seat.

Practical Use and Maintenance

  • Deployment: Extend the baton with a quick flick of the wrist.
  • Retraction: Strike the tip straight down on a hard surface to collapse.
  • Maintenance: Regularly check the baton for wear and ensure it is clean and dry to maintain optimal performance.

Why Choose a Telescopic Baton?

  • High-Quality Construction: Made from durable steel, our batons ensure long-lasting performance. The robust design makes them a dependable choice for self-defense.
  • Secure Grip: The rubber-patterned handle provides a firm and comfortable hold, preventing slips during use. This ergonomic design allows for better control and precision.
  • Friction Lock System: Guarantees the baton stays extended when needed, ensuring reliable protection. The positive locking mechanism ensures that once extended, the baton will not retract until you decide to close it.
  • Compact and Concealable: Easily fits on your belt or in your car, ready for quick access and discreet carry. The compact size makes it easy to carry without drawing unwanted attention.

Professional Self-Defense Tool

Our telescopic batons are perfect for both personal protection and professional use. They are built to handle real-world defense scenarios, providing you with the confidence and capability to protect yourself. Whether you are a law enforcement officer, security professional, or civilian, these batons offer a practical and effective means of self-defense.

Retractable Baton Grip

The retractable baton's grip is made of rubber. It is comfortable to hold and will not slip out of your hand. These grips hold out much better than the foam grip.

steel baton

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  • Automatic Spring Stick: This 21" spring-loaded baton instantly expands from 9 1/4 inches to 20 3/4 inches. In a fraction of a second, your self-defense baton is ready for action.
  • EZ-Close Push Button Baton: Expandable aluminum baton extends with a flick of the wrist. Closes with an easy push button.
  • Collapsible Bo Staff: At just over 4 feet long, the two-piece collapsible staff is ready to fend off an attacker.

Choosing a telescopic baton means choosing reliable, powerful self-defense that’s always within reach. Whether you need it for professional use or personal protection, our batons are built to deliver. Order your Telescopic Baton today!

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Like it a lot, though, the jury is still kind of out... Extended, the baton seems to be an amazing and durable tool for self-defense, which is why I got one for me and my girl. Collapsing it is not so easy, which was not what my girl and I were...prepared for. Yes, yes. I understand the "locking" mechanism is simply friction, so it needs to very strong. And perhaps it's understood that it becomes easier with use. These things I would eventually figure out...

However, I would've given a full 5 stars if not for the RIDICULOUS "How To" videos on collapsing the baton! Out of the box, these things do NOT close NEARLY as easily as those videos depict! Quite frankly, keeping in mind how the "locking" mechanism is friction, I wonder if it SHOULD close THAT easily and still be an effective self-defense tool! One video shows a gal who sorta taps the baton on the floor, and then gently stabs it into floor, closing it without so much as a grunt for effort. The second video shows some guy gently whacking it on the back of his couch in some crummy apartment, and then he SHAKES it closed! Really?! Right out of the box?? C'monnnnn...Seriously???

And so, I give 2.5 stars (rounded up to 3, since they don't do half stars) :P for it's effectiveness extended. 2.5 (2) stars MORE would've been added if the information concerning closing it was a bit more informative and honest.

We shall see what time reveals. And I will try to remember to update this review if something changes...
The Steel baton is pretty sturdy and fairly well weighted. The biggest issues is that it's hard to collapse again once it's extended. I had to put WD-40 on the shaft, that helped a little. Still, it's very difficult to get fully collapsed again, I really have to force it (which, I hope, won't end up breaking it after a while).
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