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The ultimate in self defense technology. Immediate "take-down" power. The TASER Pulse+ is the premium protection product for defending yourself. Find it and accessories here.

And don't dismiss the TASER Strikelight - A contact stun gun and flashlight all in one - Personal Self Defense doesn't get any better.

These are commonly seen on TV or in the news where a police officer has to subdue someone who is not complying with verbal commands. The subject is often seen posing a danger to him or herself or others and has to be incapacitated for the safety of the officers or of others in the vicinity. TASER Devices have been shown to extremely effective in taking down even the most aggressive person.

Daughter Grateful for Getting a Taser from her Father

This non-lethal weapon is a conducted energy weapon that utilizes compressed nitrogen to shoot two small probes up to 15 feet. These probes are connected to the weapon by high-voltage insulated wire. When the probes make contact with the target, the weapon transmits powerful electrical pulses along the wires and into the body of the target through up to two inches of clothing.

The new TASER PULSE® series has almost 100% effectiveness rating. It combines the injury reducing benefits of traditional stun technology with a quantum leap in stopping power via new Neuromuscular Incapacitation (NMI) technology. In the newest police studies, these have a higher instant incapacitation rate than a 9mm handgun. 50,000 volts travels over the wires and over-rides the central nervous system providing incredible takedown power.

We often are asked, "What is the difference between one of these and a regular stun gun?".  We have a special page that explains a big difference between the two.

TASER® Devices cannot be shipped to Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, or Connecticut.