The Benefits Of Making A Stun Gun Purchase For Self Defense

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Stun Gun Purchase Benefits

The world around us is ever-changing and in order to stay safe, you need to change with it. It is important to feel confident in your surroundings knowing you can protect yourself.

Some people choose firearms, but others are not quite as comfortable with that option. A stun gun purchase is often the next choice. As the name suggests, this device delivers a quick jolt to someone with the intent to stop them in their tracks.

There are a few things you need to know in order to make the best decision.

Here are some important stun gun tips.

How Does a Stun Gun Work

A stun gun sends a high voltage, but low amperage charge. This charge interferes with the body's muscles and the nervous system. Muscle control is compromised and there is often confusion and even sometimes a temporary state of paralysis.

There is intense pressure and even discomfort, but it is normally not too intense, and very rarely life-threatening.

The degree of the response to the stun depends on a few factors. The type of gun is important, obviously. Also, the size of the individual being stunned and the length of time the gun is held against the body play a role in the effectiveness.

Amps vs Volts

There is a common, but false, belief that the higher the voltage, the stronger the stun. The volts determine the speed of the charge into the body, but not the size of the charge. It is the amperage that determines that.

Stun Gun Amperage Diagram

Just one amp can kill someone. Amps are measured by milliamps; or thousandths of an amp. An effective stun gun should deliver up to 4 milliamps.

The Use of a Stun Gun

To see it on TV, it looks simple, but it’s not as easy as just touching someone and they immediately go down. To disable someone, the stun gun needs to be held against a muscle group for up to five seconds if possible. The best target areas are the shoulder, neck, under the arm, belly, or groin.

If you are being attacked, this list may not jump to mind, so just try to keep the gun against their body for as long as you can. Exposed skin is also the best place to try and stun. If you must do it through clothing, try to pick something other than a jacket or jeans, which will insulate them from the shock.

Learn How It Works

As with any piece of equipment, you should read the manual and all the instructions that come with your stun gun. Learn where the switches are. It should be in safety mode when out, but not being used. If it becomes necessary to use, be familiar with how to immediately turn it on.

Purchasing Stun Guns

Get used to the way it feels in your hand and handles. If you are keeping it in a purse or satchel, you may even want to practice getting it out. In the middle of a stressful situation, you will want to know exactly where it is.

Another important piece of advice is to keep your stun gun fully charged.

Drawbacks of a Stun Gun Purchase

The effectiveness of a stun gun is through debilitating pain. Using it on someone who is under the influence of certain drugs may not have the same effect. The drugs may create an increased tolerance for pain that could actually backfire. In some cases, it can even make them more aggressive.

As with other types of self-defense objects, a stun gun can be taken away and used by the attacker against the owner of the gun. To help with that, there are actually some models with a detachable wrist strap that when separated will cut off the device.

There may come a time when your stun gun is unavailable. Here are some great tips for the best self-defense moves.

The Plus Side

Owning a stun gun is much easier than trying to get a handgun. Most states don’t require permits for them and they are usually legal to carry. It is always a good idea to check the laws where you live, and also if you intend to travel with one, be sure to research the local laws.

Stun guns are cheaper than a firearm. They are more accessible and easier to find. There is also no training involved or ammunition to buy.

Easy Handheld Stun Knuckles

Obviously, they are non-lethal and that eases the minds of most people who just want to use them only to escape harm and not permanently damage someone.

Many people might hesitate to shoot a gun because of the emotional ramifications after the fact. The use of a stun gun usually does not produce those feelings.

The Many Designs

Technology and innovation have come a long way. You can now purchase stun guns in a variety of sizes and shapes.

This brings an element of surprise and in some cases, is easier to carry. You can find stun guns that look like flashlights, pens, or even cell phones.

If you are curious as to the current models, here is a list of the best stun guns on the market.

Keep It Handy

You will not always know when danger is present, but there are times when you will feel unsafe. It is a good idea to be prepared and have the stun gun already in your hand so you are ready if provoked.

Be familiar with how your stun gun works. The probes must be touching the attacker and then press the trigger. Hold it against them for as long as you can to make sure they are completely temporarily disabled.

The Right Choice

Everyone deserves to feel safe when they are out and about. The world is a scary place and it is up to each of us to be prepared. There are many options available for protection. A stun gun purchase may just be the option you need.

With a little research, you can find the right choice for your self-defense needs. For more information on how we can help, reach out.


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