80 Million volt Stun Gun Baton with Flashlight

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This rechargeable stunning baton is a great protection device for just about any situation.

With it's extended reach, this elongated producer of painful energy is powerful and effective at warding off an attack.

Stun Gun Batons are also great for breaking up dog fights or scaring a threatening dog.

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This rechargeable stunning baton is a great protection device for just about any situation. With its extended reach, this elongated producer of painful energy is powerful and effective at warding off an attack.

Stun Gun Baton

Introducing the Ultimate Defender: The Stun Gun Baton - Your Reliable Companion for Unmatched Protection

The Stun Gun Baton stands as a beacon of security in the realm of personal defense tools, merging formidable electrical power with physical robustness. Engineered with precision, it delivers an astounding 80 million volts, a testament to its capability to provide protection in the most dire situations. Crafted from strong aircraft-grade aluminum, the Stun Bat is a deterrent and a reliable striking weapon that you can always count on.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Electrifying Power: Experience the peace of mind that comes with having 80 million volts of stopping power at your fingertips.
  • Durable Construction: Made with aircraft-grade aluminum, the Stun Bat promises durability and a long life of reliable service.
  • Ergonomic Design: At just over 16 inches in length and equipped with a rubber grip, the Stun Gun Baton offers both reach and comfort, making it easy to wield in any situation.
  • Built-in LED Flashlight: Featuring a 220-lumen flashlight with three light modes (High, Low, Strobe), it ensures visibility in darkness and can disorient attackers effectively.
  • Versatile Use: Whether used as a striking weapon or to unleash a powerful electrical charge, the Stun Bat is designed to provide multiple layers of defense.
  • Safety First: An ON/OFF safety switch prevents accidental discharge, ensuring the device is only used when you intend it to be.
  • Convenience Features: Includes a built-in rechargeable Ni-Cd battery, charging cable, and a belt clip for easy carry and accessibility.
  • Unmatched Warranty: Comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, highlighting our commitment to quality and your satisfaction.

Expanding on these remarkable features, the Stun Gun Baton’s ergonomic design is meticulously thought out to ensure ease of use and effective handling. Measuring 16 7/8" by 1 3/4", its size is optimized for both reach and control, allowing you to maintain a safe distance from potential threats while delivering powerful strikes or electrical charges as needed. The rubber handle provides a non-slip grip, ensuring that the bat remains securely in your hand even in high-stress scenarios.

The Stun Gun Baton’s built-in LED flashlight is not just an auxiliary feature; it's a powerful tool in its own right. With a brightness of 220 lumens, it can illuminate dark paths, identify threats from a distance, and disorient any would-be attacker when used in strobe mode. This makes the Stun Bat an indispensable tool for nightly walks, parking lot navigation, camping, and any situation where visibility is key to your safety.

Moreover, the Stun Gun Baton’s built-in rechargeable Ni-Cd battery ensures you are always prepared. With the included charging cable, keeping your Stun Bat ready for action is convenient and straightforward. The addition of a belt clip enhances its practicality, allowing for easy access and carry, ensuring that your ultimate defender is always within reach when you need it most.

In today’s unpredictable world, the Stun Bat stands out as a beacon of reliability and strength. Its combination of electrical power, physical robustness, and practical features make it an unparalleled choice for anyone serious about their personal safety. Whether you’re facing a potential threat or simply seeking to bolster your peace of mind, the Stun Bat delivers performance you can trust. Its strong aircraft aluminum construction, significant stun capacity, and versatile functionality make it a superior choice for personal defense.

Invest in your safety today with the Stun Gun Baton and step into a world of confidence knowing you’re backed by unmatched protection. With its lifetime warranty, the Stun Gun Baton is not just a purchase but a long-term investment in your personal security. Don’t wait until it’s too late; ensure you’re prepared for whatever lies ahead with the Stun Bat, your reliable companion for unmatched protection.

Stun Gun Baton

Stun Gun Batons are also great for breaking up dog fights or scaring a threatening dog away from you. We get a lot of questions about dog attacks or loose animals while running or walking. This is the device we recommend for that.

An electrical discharge is an unnatural sound and dogs will usually cower away from you just pressing the button. However, if they don't, you have a long enough distance to keep the dog away from you and a very powerful shock that will make the animal think twice. Here's a story about how this was used as a dog defense stick:

"Your staff went above and beyond. They (Shannon, the wonderful young lady I placed the order with and discussed the product and another one when I called back to reach my initial contact) were sympathetic to my situation and informative to my questions.

She was also speedy in response to my dire need. I am sure you are quite proud of them. I bought the baton so I could break up fights between two large dogs that went from best friends to worst enemy's a couple of weeks ago.

Last night – although we have tried to keep them separate – their paths crossed upstairs. The four large boys at home could not break them up and … well it was ugly again. But – I jumped up the second I heard the fight start and ran up the stairs hitting the button on the baton and it's my understanding all stood still including the dogs knowing mama was on her way up with something scary.

So I have not used the baton on them, but the noise – which I had previously shown them each when I received the product – was enough to make them worry about me and stop trying to kill each other." Wendy Tise - Houston, TX

Some states have restrictions on Stun Devices. Check if your state has restrictions here: Shipping Restrictions

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Disappointed !!
I offer this review, not as a complainer, but as constructive criticism. I needed to replace my previous well-designed & trusty 18" stun baton that I think I purchased some 5-20 years ago from TBO Tech (not certain?).

After a fair amount of research and a LOT of shipping hassle I ended up with the Street Wise 17" baton (SWPFTB9R).

Navigating your website quickly led me to this device. When you open to this area, the stun baton in the picture was exactly what I was trying to replace. And when I clicked on that picture it took me to the SWPFTB9R stun stick. But when I got the unit, it did NOT have the contact strips along the forward length of the baton......something that I thought I was getting based on the initial web page picture & description. [Mod Edit: Category Image has been changed]

So my criticism is that you don't apparently sell the unit that is depicted on the web page discussing stun batons. It is a bit misleading.

That said, this new stun stick is extremely clumsy to operate, especially in the "heat of the moment". I suppose the flashlight features are nice, but I bought this replacement primarily for warding off frequent dog encounters during walks with my wife. The multi-function switch is very hard to use in the first place. You have to toggle through as many as 7 clicks (if I counted correctly) to get to the mode that you want........that being the stun mode. I would highly suggest revamping the logic/control on the baton. The on/off switch at the base should be just to power the unit on/off. Then use the multi-function switch to operate just the flashlight modes. And the stun button should be independent of the flashlight and solely dedicated to activate the stun.

If you ever offer the stun baton again (as shown at the top of the initial web page) I'd be interested.

Thank YOU
I have been dealing with TBO-TECH for many years and have several of their great products. The stun baton #SWPFTB9R is my favorite. Originally I bought the baton to defend my yellow lab against dogs off lease, such as Rhodesian Ridgebacks and German Shepherds. Recently we encountered very large raccoons during our walks. My vet told me to be careful, as they carry rabies. As you know, they can severely hurt or kill a dog. Raccoons are not afraid of humans. However at the mere sound of the baton discharge, they turn and run. Thank you Shannon for your kind customer service and care. Several of my friends are now your customer.
There are a lot of stray dogs in my neighborhood, and having a stun baton makes me feel safe and confident while walking my dog. My dog is 2.5yrs old and we've been attacked by strays 4 times in his life time.
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