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Stay Safe from Canine Attacks

Did you know that over 30 people fall victim to fatal canine attacks each year? Also, almost 400,000 people are annually treated for bites from canines.

These sobering statistics put man's best friend in a whole new light for many people. People who have a loving pet are simply unable to understand how these dog attacks can happen, or why.

As the dog is a territorial animal by nature – they are descendants of the wolf, after all – an intrusion into what they see as "their area" can lead to serious consequences. To a dog, they are just doing their job. To a human, they are being threatened.

Staying Safe from Canine Attack

There is some debate over whether or not specific breeds of dogs are more likely to attack or bite, and the jury is still out on that one. However, even the most loving pet poodle can be brought to attack mode if the situation is just right. Take away a spoiled dog's food bowl, and see what you get!

Unfortunately, the problems with dog bites don't end there – people can contract serious diseases from an infected bite, including rabies, parvo or an infection from the wound itself. The medical expenses can be quite high to treat these problems.

Some people are just naturally afraid of dogs, and unfortunately, this can, in turn, cause the dog to become afraid as well. Dogs rely upon body language to interpret their expected actions, and so threatening gestures, fear or loud voices can set a dog off that may once have been quite timid.

Many owners are attacked by their own dogs as well, which means that sometimes we may never know what caused a dog to snap and attack their owners. If you are faced with unfriendly dogs while jogging or simply are afraid of an attack, we can help.

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