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Self Defense Packages

Looking for a special deal? Here we offer discounted packages. These have been put together as package sets that include things you need for different situations.

Stun gun and pepper spray combos for a night on the town, dorm room packages to keep yourself, your room and your valuables protected. Any of which can be used for everyday safety.

Choose the best combination for you to protect yourself, your family & loved ones, and your home - at BIG savings compared to ordering them all separately!

Personal Protection Package
Save 17%
In stock
$5980 $4980
This essentials personal protection package is the minimum you need to keep yourself safe .  Comes with the 12,000,000 volt cell phone stun gun , a multi-pack of pepper sprays (3 different sprays - 1 for Car, One For Home, and 1 for You), an extremely loud personal alarm , and the "how-to"...
Security Guard Package
Save 25%
In stock
$13265 $9999
A Security Guard would want to be able to fend off multiple attackers. In this special package, we've put together a stun gun, two defensive sprays, and your choice of size of an extendable baton.
In stock
Specially put together to save you time and money, these self defense kits combine the elements of a stun gun, a pepper spray, and a personal alarm.   No Sales to NY.
BrandsTBOTECH Choose PackagePackage 1
In stock
A self defense package specifically chosen for truck drivers. The products in this kit gives you a range of options.
In stock
A Safety Kit for a Nurse - We've chosen top products to give our nurse's the best chance if they ever need to defend themselves.
In stock
Lipstick Stun Gun, 1/2oz. Wildfire Pink Pepper Spray, Pepper Spray Book   No Sales to Massachusetts or New York.
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