Slingshot Band Replacement

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It's always good to have a spare band around. If it breaks on you, you'll be back in business in no time.

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Here are replacement rubber bands for your slingshot. The band's rubber wears out over time, especially through heavy use. This is normal, and you will need to replace your high-powered rubber band from time to time. Made of surgical-grade latex tubing, this durable band keeps you on target.

SlingShot Replacement Bands

Slingshot Extra Band

Replacement Bands for Slingshots

It's always good to have a replacement band around. If it breaks on you, you'll be back in business in no time. If you're using your high velocity weapon for hunting, keeping an extra band on hand is the same as having enough ammo. If you don't have replacement bands, you won't be able to shoot!

You can also get aerodynamically correct ammo shot, or you can go to a hardware store and ask for ball bearings in the 3/8 or 1/4 inch size. It's your preference for the size, but 3/8" works very well in target practice accuracy and actual hunting.

How do you change the rubber on a slingshot?

Information: To replace, all you need to do is take the old one off. You can remove it by rolling the ends over and off the yoke. If it is stuck on there, you may need to cut it off.

Then, moisten the yokes with spit or an equal mixture of water and alcohol to make them easier to push the replacement band onto them. Push the new slingshot rubber band over the yoke until it reaches the bend in the tubing. Do the same for the other side. Make sure the pouch is centered. Let it sit there for about a half-hour while it dries up.

After about 30 minutes, you're ready to start shooting again.

What are slingshot bands?

Slingshot bands are powerful elastic bands used to propel projectiles with a slingshot. The rubber band is attached to the slingshot at two points, typically the ends of the forked arms. When the band is stretched and released, it propels the projectile forwards with considerable force. Slingshot rubber bands are made from natural latex, which is a milky sap that comes from certain trees.

The sling shot replacement rubber bands include the leather pouches that hold your ammunition. The leather pouch is what you squeeze around your ball bearings when you pull back the latex band prior to shooting.

Order one or more of these slingshot band replacement sets today, and we'll send them to you right away.

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