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Self Defense Products

Self Defense Products consist of anything that can be used to aid in protecting yourself. Being a "product" makes it something that is held or otherwise an item that can be transformed into something you actually use. It does not take the place of your most important and effective tool... your brain. Your brain tells you to be alert, be aware of your surroundings, take appropriate action, and is your primary defense against anything that can harm you.

These can be a stun gun, a pepper spray, a taser, a baton or any number of other items that can be used to aid you in your defense should the need arise. In conjunction with your brain, it's something you use to ward off an attack, a mugging, a rape, and other types of assault.

Buy Stun GunStun guns are electrical weapons that emit a powerful static electricity charge that overrides the muscular group that it is applied to. It makes the muscle group expand and contract at a very fast rate which depletes the blood sugar from the muscles rendering them inoperable for a short period of time. This unexpected shock and the quick depletion of the use of the muscle group can change the mind of the attacker, at least for the immediate time being. This is your time to run!

Pepper SprayPepper Spray as a defensive item is an inflammatory agent made into a formula derived from very hot peppers. When the liquid stream, mist, foam, or gel gets into the person's eyes nose and respiratory system, their capillaries swell up. Eyes are forced shut and breathing is made extremely difficult. Pepper spray is one of the most effective weapons out there because of its immediate effect and its causing of general disorientation. As someone is forced to deal with being sprayed by pepper spray, you can utilize the time to escape and get police help. Many pepper sprays have dyes that will aid the police in identifying the criminal.

Batons are another weapon that can be effective against an attacker. These, however, can also be lethal. A telescopic steel baton hit over the head of someone coming at you can not only knock them unconscious but if the blow is hard enough, can also cause death. Professional training with a baton is recommended in order to know its capabilities, limitations, and also how to best employ it.


telescopic steel baton

Self defense products can be found in most anything including the commercially available products you can easily find on the web. Handguns, on the other hand, require a license to purchase and in most places, a license to carry. Many people are very uncomfortable with carrying a gun even for their own protection. Personal thought and training in its use should always go into a decision to carry a firearm.

Stop the violence!

In considering the use of a self-defense item, one of your first thoughts ought to be, "Why?" and "What is its purpose?" In moving forward with this train of thought, you can answer with, "because I want to avoid harm against myself if and when necessary." The purpose of it is to counter the attack and render the assailant ineffective. Or at least to dissuade the attacker from continuing his assault.

Self defense products are used for that purpose and reason. As a human being, it is not required that you allow another person to harm you or to take from you what is rightfully yours. You do have a right to defend yourself and protect your family, your property, and your physical well being.

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