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The Top Five Self-Defense Techniques that Women Should Know About

Posted by   Steve Thibeault
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Walking home late at night, hanging out too late at parties, and going around with no one with you can spell your doom, your mom once told you. You may or may not have obeyed, you may or may not have resented the advice, but guess what: you, woman, can be easy prey if you’re alone on those dark and empty streets. Aside from knowing how to run fast enough, or spot an attacker from miles away, what should you know? You should be able to defend yourself.

You might be thinking: I have mace spray, or I have a Swiss Knife with a mean blade. But what happens if you don’t have the time or space to reach for that can of mace buried deep in your handbag? Worse, what if you suddenly forget how to use the can of mace and accidentally spray yourself? Can you tell your attacker to wait for a minute while you figure out which gadget on your Swiss Knife is for stabbing? Can you defend yourself if you whip out the Swiss Knife and unfold your trusty, deadly can opener?

All you need to know are what parts of your attacker are the most vulnerable. And you need some practice, so be sure to do refresher courses, or ask a male friend to help you out. Just don’t be too violent during practice, and you’ll start getting your skills honed.

1. Mace spray is truly effective. So are a stun gun, a taser, and a baton. But guess what: your mind can start changing and doing unimpressive things during an attack. You will need to practice using them. Moreover, keep these weapons in a space in your handbag that you can easily reach. Make sure that you do not have to dig through piles of hair brushes, lipsticks, and calling cards before you get to your defense stuff.

2. Remember this as you find ways to defend yourself. Your attacker will want as little space between you and him as possible, and you will find it hard to do a Bruce Lee if you’re being pinned to the ground, in danger of being raped. To counteract this, you need to put space between you and your attacker. If you are being pinned down, don’t struggle aimlessly: put your hands on your attacker’s shoulders, and then, firmly, lock out your elbows, as though you were about to spring forward and push him back. Pull your feet up and position your feet on your attacker’s hips. Now, with all your energy, push!

3. If your feet are pinned down, but your hands are still free to put on your attacker’s shoulders, you may as well reach up, put your hands on either side of the attacker’s face, and jam your thumbs directly into his eyes. Press in as though you were launching his eyeballs way out of his skull. The eyes are a susceptible region, and you can use that to your advantage.

4. Kicking is a good thing to do. Find a way to kick your assailant in the groin or in the knees. These are also susceptible and sensitive parts of the body. If you are lying on the ground, you can lift your knee and kick your attacker in the groin. If the attacker is down but you can sense that he is still ready for another attack, spring up at once, and if you can, kick him in the throat. High heels can be your best friend for good kicks or putting down a very painful pressure point.

5. Your elbows can help you. Jam it into your assailant’s stomach if he comes from behind, and then into the throat as you try to put some space between you.

Got your own self defense technique to share? Please share them below!

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