8 Self-defense Gadgets For The Fashionista

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Self Defense Gadgets For The Fashionista

Sexual violence is a horror that will damage the life of an American once every 98 seconds. This reality is a shocking one and disproportionately harms young people and woman.

No matter if you're at high risk or low risk of sexual violence, theft or any number of other violent crimes, it's important that you're prepared for the worst. One of the best ways to get prepared is by arming yourself with self-defense equipment that is legal in your jurisdiction.

But let's face it, most self-defense gadgets are clunky, ugly and embarrassing to carry around.

Fortunately, there are a number of tools out there that will not only protect your livelihood but will look great as an accessory you carry around with you on a daily basis.

Below is a list of our favorite self-defense gadgets that are as much functional as they are fashion-forward!

1. Sound Grenades

Have you ever heard of a sound grenade? According to our research, most people haven't. That's a shame because these small self-defense gadgets pack a serious punch!

Sound grenades are keychain-friendly devices that, at the pulling of a pin, can sound off a 120-decibel alarm that will send assailants running for the hills. It will also draw the attention of locals who can then run to your aide.

We love sound grenades for their simplicity, effectiveness and multiple color/style options.

2. Mace Lipstick

If you carry around lipstick regularly, mace disguised at lipstick should prove to be a self-defense gadget that looks at home in your bag. These ultra-affective self-defense gadgets have a mechanism where you can flip down the lipstick portion of the tool to reveal a nozzle that can shoot a powerful stream of spray around 5 feet out.

Lipstick Pepper Spray

If you need quick access to your lipstick mace, you can ditch throwing it in your bag and instead pick one up with a keychain loop.

3. Kitty Knuckles

This self-defense gadget has skyrocketed in popularity in recency years. Kitty knuckles are a simple looking design that appears to be any other knick-knack you might display on your keychain.

The big difference?

This kitty cat looking accessory has very sharp ears and two big eye holes perfect for putting your fingers through so you can pack a very painful punch if someone should try to assault you.

Kitty Knuckles come in multiple colors and designs so pick whichever one best suits your sensibilities and start feeling protected!

4. Keychain Stun Guns

Stun guns are a fixture in the self-defense community and for a good reason. Most will emit millions of volts which, upon contact, can debilitate a person of any size long enough for you to get away.

Stun gun with your KeysKeychain Stun Gun

There are larger stun guns out there that you'll probably want to stay away from if the style is important to you (although these are more effective). There are also smaller, even keychain sized stun guns that should get the job of self-defense done and do so discreetly.

5. Flash Drive Stun Gun

Flash drives are commonly attached to people's key chains, especially students. That's why this self-defense tool is so great, particularly for those worried about their safety on campus.

Simply put, a flash drive stun gun looks exactly like a standard flash drive. The only difference is that, at the flick of a switch, these tools can shoot out up to 20 million volts of electricity into an attacker and consequently, save your life.

6. Sting Rings

A sting ring is another tool that leverages electricity to disable bad-actors. With this tool, you can carry the bulk of the device in your balled fist, only exposing a ring that wraps around your finger.

Sting Ring

The tip of the ring, however, has a metal conductor which, if put into contact with skin, will transmit 18 million volts of electric shock.

Sting rings typically come in black but can be found in other colors if you're looking to find a discreet looking one that matches your style.

7. Bulletproof Inserts

Did you know that 96 Americans are killed by guns every day? If you live in an area where stray bullets are a reality of life, you can offer yourself extra protection with a bulletproof insert.

Bulletproof inserts are sheets you can line the back of your backpack with. Then, if a bullet were to ever pass through your bag, the insert would keep it from entering your body and save you from paralysis or death.

These blockers can be found in a variety of colors and styles. Also, when inserted in your bag, they're invisible so you don't have to worry about how they look.

8. Stun Gun/Flashlight Combos

Walking around at night is when the opportunity to be preyed upon is at its highest. Because of that, having a self-defense gadget that can both protect you and light the area is a must.

Stun Flashlights

To that end, stun gun/flashlight combos have you covered.

These tools not only offer all of the standard functionality of flashlights but at the click of a button can pass an electric current through its tip that if put in contact with an offender will disable them.

These self-defense gadgets are made even better with their style options and the discretion they offer given that they look like standard, small flashlights.

Wrapping Up Safe and Stylish Self-Defense Gadgets

If you want to avoid the fate of millions of Americans and prevent sexual assault, theft or other traumatic violent crimes, you need to arm yourself with high-quality self-defense gadgets.

To do that and do so in a way that keeps you looking your best, we recommend trying out any of the products we've mentioned above. Each has the ability to disable an attacker and help you avoid potentially life-threatening situations while also offering flexible discretion and style options!

If you're ready to start protecting yourself or the person you love today, look no further than TBO-TECH Self Defense Products to help you on your way! We offer a variety of the latest self-defense tools all at competitive prices.

Browse our best selling products now or for more information on what product might be best for you, contact our team of defense professionals now!


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