The Coolest and Most Discreet Security Gadgets Under $50

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Security Gadgets

The personal safety and security device market is growing at a rate of 13% and expected to be worth $52 billion by 2023. Even though the market is enormous, you don't have to spend big on your security gadgets.

Keep reading for some examples of personal security devices that won't break the bank.

Security Gadgets

Everything in this post will cost you less than $50 to feel more secure.

Travel Alarm

One of the times when you are most vulnerable is when you travel. You are in a strange and unfamiliar city and staying in an unfamiliar hotel.

With a personal and travel alarm, you can protect yourself and ensure your safety. The first function of this personal safety device is to protect you by acting as a personal alarm.

Travel Alarm

All you need to do is pull the cord on the top of the device. You will activate an ear-piercing alarm that won't stop until you press the cord key back down into the top.

Once you get to your hotel, or wherever you are staying, you can use your alarm as a mini security device. Just point it towards the door, and the integrated Passive Infrared will monitor for motion.

Any movement in a 30-degree area and a distance of ten feet will trigger an alarm.

Stun Master Stun Baton

This is an electrified stun baton. Any person you touch with it will receive a powerful shock. The longer length of this baton works well for those who work in security or encounter dogs on their walk or run.

Electrified Stun Baton

The handle has a rubberized grip to give you a secure hold on your baton. Then, down the length of the barrel are metal contacts that deliver a powerful shock to anyone that comes into contact with them.

Use your baton as a flashlight with three different function modes, strobe, low, and high beam. That way, it's already in your hand and ready to deliver 12 million volts.

For added protection, place the wrist strap around your wrist. If the baton gets taken away from you, the strap will automatically pull a pin and disable the baton.

Stun Ring

Most stun guns are larger and require your entire palm to grip them. This Sting Ring is much smaller, making it barely visible when in your hand.

Finger Stun Gun

What makes it even better is that it is straightforward to use. All you need to do is turn off the safety and squeeze your grip. Upon contact, it will deliver 18 million volts to your attacker.

When you get home, plug in your finger stun gun with the included charging cord.

Cell Phone Stun Gun

Everyone has a cell phone in their hands these days. So this cell phone stun gun is perfect for blending in and providing you with safety and security.

It's the size and shape of a cell phone, looking every bit the part — the only difference this phone will pump out 12 million volts at 4.9 milliamps.

Fake Dome Camera

People act as better people when they think they are being watched. A study by Newcastle scientists found that twice as many people cleaned up their litter when the posters in the cafeteria were changed from flowers to people.

It was just the thought or idea that someone might be watching that influenced people to change their actions. You can use this study to change the behavior of your customers.

Install a fake dome camera in your store and trick people into thinking someone is watching them. To add to its authenticity, there is a flashing LED.

Soda Can Safe

One of the best hiding places is right in plain sight. Would-be thieves look in the usual places for valuables. One place they would never consider looking in is your soda can.

This safe is perfect for hiding your small valuables like jewelry or cash in plain sight. All you need to do is unscrew the top and place your items inside.

Then place your soda can safe somewhere that makes it blend in. You could put it in your pantry behind other cans of soda. Or you could place it in your fridge with your other cold cans of soda.

Keychain Knife

You can keep this self-defense keychain knife on your keychain, and no one will ever know. You can even go through a metal detector and not set it off.

It's made of impact-resistant ABS plastic to give you a durable keychain. It comes in different colors and shaped like a dog, perfect for hiding its true purpose.

Slide your fingers through the eye holes and make a fist. Now you have a secure way of defending yourself. This is a more effective upgrade to sliding your keys between your fingers.

Lipstick Alarm

This personal alarm is the perfect safety advice for women looking to have a bit of safety when they are on their own. All you need to do is slip it into your purse, and it seems like every other tube of lipstick.

You can carry this tube in the palm of your hand and easily hide the fact that you have it. If anyone does happen to see it, they will be none the wiser as to the lipstick tube's true purpose.

When you feel threatened, all you need to do is pull the top, and a 100dB will sound off. This is loud enough to be heard by anyone passing by.

Which Security Gadgets Are Right for You?

When it comes to your safety, you don't need to spend a fortune on security gadgets. What you need is to do is choose a method that makes you feel secure and confident.

Focus on when you feel unsafe and look for a discreet way of addressing that lack of security.

Browse our shop for the perfect security solution for your needs.


The floor is yours!

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