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Safety Weapons for Females

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There are plenty of safety weapons for females to keep themselves safe from harm. But first let’s discuss the most important ones. Your brain and your senses help keep you aware of your surroundings.

Your brain and your Sense and a weapon for you.

Keeping constant vigil on what’s going on around you will keep you from being surprised by an attack. While females are targeted more often than men, a women’s intuition is generally stronger than a man’s and can give early warning of potential danger.

Not only is staying aware going to pre-warn you of any upcoming danger, criminals in prison interviews have admitted to avoiding confident looking and self aware women for fear of them fighting back.

Criminals want easy targets, someone they can overpower easily and without much fuss. Giving off an air of confidence reduces your chances of being chosen as a victim.

Safety Weapons for Females

Now lets talk about a specific safety weapon for females that you can easily carry and use to fight off a rapist or other type of attacker.

Safety Weapons for Females

The number one female safety weapon I always recommend is pepper spray. A self defense spray is lightweight, easy to use and is something that can be utilized very quickly should the need arise.

When you’re in an unsafe place or even at night in a generally safe area, pepper spray should be in your hand, on your side, clipped to your purse or other piece of clothing where it can be easily grabbed. If going to your car at night is a regular occurrence, then you should have your spray attached to your keys and have them out and ready while you’re walking.

You always want to be able to quickly use your spray in a moments notice. While walking and you get that tingly feeling that something is just not right, that’s your intuition kicking in shouting at you to be more aware!

Pepper Spray is Top Choice

True pepper spray, not cs or tear gas, is the most effective form of defensive spray. While other types do severely irritate the eyes, nose and throat, OC pepper spray is an inflammatory. It INFLAMES the capillaries which produces massive tears to spew from the eyes. The nose, throat and respiratory tract are inflamed as well and makes breathing extremely difficult to do.

When you spray someone with pepper spray, they will have a very hard time just trying to get oxygen into their lungs, all the while not being able to see very good. When they try to open their eyes, they will be unable to because of the human body’s natural instinct to shut them. The intense pain from the hot peppers forces a person to keep them closed as much as possible.

One of the best safety weapons for women is to carry a pepper spray with them wherever they go and to not be afraid to use it. Get in the practice of getting it ready while out and about. Get your muscles used the movements necessary for getting the spray in the action position ready to fire.

Stay Alert

But most of all, stay alert to your surroundings. Hopefully you’ll never have to use your spray, but if you do, use it with confidence – spray them fully in the face to be sure to get it in their eyes and nose. Once you do that, you will have an opportunity to get out of there and seek help.

If this person was going to harm you, call the police and give them a good description. With the Wildfire Brand spray as pictured above, the attacker will also have a vegetable dye on them making it easy to the police to confirm.

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