Runt Disable Pin

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Did you lose your disable pin? (Yes, it's more common than you think)

Would like to have a spare wrist strap on hand?


If you lose the wrist strap disable pin for your Runt stun gun, you can get a new one here. The pin fits inside the hole on the bottom of the unit which ENables the stun feature of the device. Without this pin in place, the device will not function.

Disable Pin for Runt Stun Gun

The disable pin is a safety feature. If your attacker was able to wrest control of the stun gun from you and take it away, the pin would unplug rendering the device inoperable as a stunner. This is so the bad guy can't use your own weapon against you.

Have one on hand as a spare in case it gets lost.

Ordering this product is for the disable pin only.  The Runt stun gun is not included.

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