10 Tips for Safely Running at Night

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Running at Night

Did you know that running at night could help you sleep better than running during the day?

According to a University of South Carolina study that was conducted a few years ago, more than 90% of runners found that running at night as opposed to during the day improved their sleep habits. People reported being able to drift off to sleep better at night after going for a run.

There are other benefits that come along with going for runs at night, too. It can help you to eliminate stress and anxiety after a long day. It can also help you avoid running under the hot sun during the warmer months of the year.

But there are a few potential downsides of running in the nighttime. You will, for example, have to be more mindful about staying safe when you're running in the dark.

Here are ten tips that will help you keep yourself safe when you go for runs at night.

1. Plan to Run Through Well-Lit Areas

Before you begin running at night on a regular basis, it's a good idea to sit down and map out the route you're going to take. You should have some idea of where you're going to start your runs, where you're going to end them, and how you're going to get from point A to point B.

Whenever possible, you should always try to stick to running in areas that are well-lit. More often than not, this means running on main roads that have street lights running down them.

Many of these roads might be a little bit busier than side roads. But you'll have an easier time seeing when you're running on these roads, and more importantly, others will have an easier time seeing you.

2. Wear Reflective Gear That's Easy to See

When you're running at night, you want to make it as easy as possible for others to spot you. You should not get into the habit of running around at night with dark-colored clothing on.

Instead, you should pick up reflective gear that will be pretty much impossible for people to miss. Everything from your running jacket to your running sneakers should be brightly-colored with reflective material on them.

Running Light for Shoes

You might also want to wear a headlamp and a safety light that makes it even easier for people to see you. You can never be too careful when it comes to what you wear to run.

3. Consider Running With a Partner

If you're going to make running at night a regular thing, don't hesitate to ask a fellow runner if they would be interested in joining you. There are many runners who would be more than open to going for runs at night as long as they have someone to go with.

You and your running buddy can look out for one another when you're running after dark. It'll also be easier for drivers to see you when you have someone running with you who is also wearing reflective gear.

4. Run Against Traffic Rather Than With It

During the day, it's usually best to run with the flow of traffic instead of trying to go against it. But at night, your best bet is to run against traffic so that you can see cars coming in your direction.

Just be careful about running against traffic with a bright headlamp turned on. You could inadvertently cause issues for drivers and make it difficult for them to see as they pass you.

5. Try Running Without Headphones

There are a lot of people who struggle to run without headphones. In fact, one study revealed that about two-thirds of people will cut a workout short if their headphones suddenly stop working.

There are lots of benefits that come with wearing headphones and listening to music while you run. But when you're running at night, it's not a good idea to have headphones on.

By wearing headphones, you'll limit your ability to hear what's happening around you. It'll be tough to be observant of your surroundings when you have music blasting into your ears.

6. Bring a Cell Phone Along for Runs

While you should leave your headphones at home when you're running at night, you should bring your cell phone along with you. You can play music at a reasonable level through it if you want to keep yourself motivated.

You can also use your phone to contact the police if you get hurt during your run or find yourself in a sticky situation. There are a bunch of different cell phone holders that will make it easy for you to hold onto your phone while you're running.

7. Bring Identification Along for Runs, Too

If, heaven forbid, you're involved in an accident while running at night, you might not be able to identify yourself for one reason or another when police and paramedics show up. It's why you should always run with identification on you.

There are some cell phone holders that allow you to stick your ID into them. You can also pick up special ID tags that you can put right on your running sneakers so that you can be identified by others quickly.

8. Think About Investing in a Stun Gun

While running at night, cars are probably going to pose the biggest threat to you. But there is also a chance that you could come face-to-face with someone who wants to do you harm. They might see you as an easy target when you're running around.

For this reason, you should consider investing in one of the best small stun guns on the market today. Stun guns are lightweight, easy to use, and a great way to protect yourself at night.

Compact Stun Gun - Perfect for Running

Start shopping around for one today to see what's available.

9. Switch Up Your Running Route From Time to Time

Most people are creatures of habit, and as a result, they'll run the same route over and over again every time they go out running. You should try to avoid doing this if you're going to run at night all the time.

If you continuously run the same route, you'll make it very easy for potential attackers to pick you off while you're running. You should alter your running route every so often to throw them off your trail.

10. Trust Your Gut If You Sense Danger

Do you ever feel like something just feels a little off while you're running at night? Don't ignore your instincts.

If your gut is telling you that you could be in danger, listen to it and head home. It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to running in the dark.

Use These Tips to Stay Safe When Running at Night

Once you get into the routine of running at night, you'll love all the different benefits that come with it. Going for a night run can be a great way to cap off a day.

But you want to keep safety at the forefront of your mind at all times when you run at night. From picking the right running route to packing a stun gun for night runs, you should take the proper safety precautions. It'll help you enjoy your runs at night even more.

Contact us today to get your hands on the right stun gun for night running.


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