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Reasons To Buy A Stun Gun

Have you ever found yourself alone at night after a long workday? You're walking through a dark parking lot towards your car, and suddenly you hear someone running up behind you? This is a horrible situation that no one ever hopes to be placed in, but the truth is that it can and will happen to many people this month alone! But there is something you can do to protect yourself: Arm yourself with a stun gun.

Buy a Stun GunOwning a stun gun gives you control over some of the direst situations, easily allowing you to turn the tides upon any would-be attacker and leave them quivering on the ground while you make your way to safety and call in the authorities so they can make sure your attacker can't hurt anyone else.

These protection devices are safe and very easy to use. Simply ensure that you have it charged before leaving your office at night, and carry it in your hand on your way to your vehicle, ensuring the safety switch is in the on position. If something should happen to you, just thrust your weapon into your attacker and press the button. Once the voltage is delivered to your attacker, run and get help.

Some people avoid getting a firearm for personal protection because they don't feel like dealing with all of the paperwork associated with carrying a weapon. However, unlike firearms, stunning devices are able to be carried legally in most states without filing paperwork for a permit. So if that is the only thing stopping you, pick one up today!

Stun guns are non-lethal, unlike most other forms of personal protection. You don't have to wrestle with a moral dilemma between taking a life and keeping yourself safe as all it will do is disable attackers. It isn't just human attackers you can protect yourself against either! Should you find yourself the victim of a dog attack, with your handy stunner at the ready, you can disable the canine without actually harming the poor creature.

Another concern of customers is the effectiveness of stun guns. However, the simple fact that law enforcement agencies everywhere have their own officers equipped with various forms of tasers should dissuade any doubts you may have. If our own peace officers rely on them to disable threats on a daily basis, so should you.

Unlike firearms, it is extremely unlikely that someone in your household would accidentally gain use of your stun gun and cause an accidental death. Instead, you would likely wind up with a very unhappy family member for a few days. In this regard, these devices are much safer than firearms, so you should feel safe owning and storing them at home.

Men and women across the country are assaulted, mugged, and raped in increasing amounts year after year. Do not let yourself become a statistic. Buy a stun gun, learn to use it, and keep you and your loved ones safe.

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