Real Estate Self Defense Tips and Choices

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Real Estate Self Defense

Real estate agents often are alone with strangers. They show people empty houses with no one else around except for the potential buyer. The potential buyer is quite often unknown and a complete stranger. Thinking about your own safety and how you would get out of a bad situation should be part of your everyday checklist. You need to think about "real estate self defense" so you can stay safe.

Real Estate Self Defense

There are a number of products that can help you keep safe, but your number one source of protection is your head and your gut feeling – otherwise known as your intuition. Pay attention to your feelings because more often than not, this is your body’s way of telling you something is "off" or not right.

Robert Siciliano, CEO of says, "Every person I have ever interviewed that was victimized said they knew something was wrong before it happened. But they didn’t do anything about it," he says. “They didn’t want to think it could happen to them. But it did.” – source

Be smart in setting up showings

Always let someone know where you’ll be and an expected time frame.

Arrive early and park in the street so you can’t be blocked in by another vehicle.

Have the door unlocked before they arrive. When your head is down fumbling with the lock is an opportune time for them to begin their assault and shove you into the house.

Be outside when your client arrives and let them enter the dwelling first. You don’t want your back to them while you’re walking in as you are vulnerable to a blind attack. They could also lock the door behind them while you’re already inside.

Stay Safe While Inside

Pay attention to your intuition at all times. If you get the feeling something is wrong, it probably is. Get outside the home.

Maintain a “safe space” distance at all times. There is no reason for anyone to get up close and personal. If they continue to invade your personal space, make an excuse to get outside.

Avoid entering isolated areas such as an attic or basement. These are particularly unsafe spaces since you have nowhere to escape.

Always have your escape route planned wherever you are in the house. Keep aware of all exits and the quickest way to use them.

Real Estate Personal Protection

In this line of work, having something to defend yourself with should be on your person and readily available at all times. Although a pepper spray is inexpensive, do not discount its effectiveness in stopping an attack. When someone is sprayed in the face, they have only one single objective in their life: to stop the intense burning sensation and find water.

Gel vs Stream

Realtor Pepper Gel for Self DefenseWith a Gel, the OC pepper is suspended in a sticky gel instead of a liquid. The gel formulation has several advantages: it sprays farther, is less contaminating to the surrounding area and the thick formulation sticks to an attacker’s face.

A stream pattern pepper spray comes out in a single stream of liquid that splatters the face. Although very effective, when inside a home, using a gel vs a stream minimizes the chance of the spray getting everywhere. The gelatinous material will stick to the face and won’t wipe off. For this reason, gel pepper sprays are recommended.

Gel vs Stream for Realtors

The Kubotan

Having a weapon on your keychain is a way to always have it with you. Having your keys out and in hand is ordinary and something people won’t think twice about. Kubotan for Real Estate Agent The Kubotan is one of those handheld weapons that doesn’t really look like a weapon. They are made of high-density aluminum and are used to stabilize your fist, apply pressure to sensitive parts of an assailant’s body, hit with by swinging at, or gaining leverage on an assailant’s wrist or fingers.

These are also available with an ingrained grip already machined into the body. Click either of these images to be taken to their respective pages. And both of these are less than ten dollars each.

Grooved Grip Kubotan

Using the point of either of these to jab into a person’s body will focus the potential energy and cause intense pain. Swinging the weapon by holding onto your keys is another method of employment that will give a hard whack to the other person. The solid metal will be extremely painful especially if you hit a bone.

The TASER Conducted Energy Weapon

Perhaps the most effective device you can use for self defense without causing serious injury or death is the TASER conducted energy weapon. Unlike a stun gun that requires you to make direct contact with your assailant, the TASER Pulse allows you to incapacitate someone immediately.

Realtor with Taser

A TASER device overrides the body’s central nervous system and causes every single muscle to tense up. Their back will arch and they’ll unwillingly stand on tippy toes. With everything all tensed up, most people lose balance and fall to the ground, unable to prevent the fall.

When you fire your TASER device, it will continue to pump high volumes of energy for 30 seconds rendering your attacker helpless and on the ground. This is your time to get away. You can set it on the floor and make your escape.

While much more expensive than a pepper spray or Kubotan, this device is hands down the go-to weapon for real estate self defense. $449.99 each.

Realtor Self Defense Taser

Stay Alert, Stay Alive

Beforehand, properly prepare for your appointment. Let someone know where you’ll be and for how long. Follow the tips above for when your client arrives to maximize your security. Always have a way out wherever you are in the home and be ready to immediately evacuate if need be.

Have on hand and ready to use a self defense weapon you can use to get yourself out of there. Your first priority is to escape. If under attack, fight aggressively and forcefully. Do not stop or let up. If you are too much of a hassle to control, your aggressor may decide you’re too much trouble and make his own escape.

Real estate self defense involves thinking about and preparing for each showing or appointment. Use your senses to identify potential problem areas to avoid and also the fastest escape routes. Above all else, pay attention to your body’s physical indicators and intuition. They are there to keep you alive.


The floor is yours!

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