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Rape Whistle

A rape whistle is a loud alarm or whistle sounding device that will help bring attention to you if accosted by a rapist, mugger, or some kind of attacker. If attacked, you would activate the alarm or whistle and it will make others aware you need HELP and hopefully cause the rapist to want to leave you alone rather than bring attention what he is doing.

You want it to be activated with your hands instead of you having to blow into it in case you are grabbed from behind and the bad guy has covered your mouth with one of his hands.

Safety Whistles and Alarms

We have several personal alarms that serve this purpose but here are a couple that are easily activated and causes a very loud shrieking noise that is recognizable as a call for help or to bring attention to the sound.

The Screecher Aerosol Alarm is activated by pressing down on the red top of the canister. The Electronic Whistle has a button on the side that you press in order for it to sound off. Both rape whistles will continue to make loud noises until you stop pressing them.