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Police Batons

Police batons nowadays are much different from the billy club days of old. Today, police batons are usually either a tonfa or an expandable steel baton.

Tonfas, or police batons are made from a long piece of wood or fiberglass about 24 inches in length that has a handle attached to it. A police officer can hold onto the handle and use the long shaft as a defensive tool to block an attack. By using the handle on the police baton, an officer can also maneuver and effectively strike with it as well.

Police Batons

Not every law enforcement person uses one of these but they are pretty common in some areas. Most officers use the expandable baton because of its compact size for ease of carrying. Since this police baton is expandable, it can be put into use with just a flick of the wrist.

When extended, the telescopic steel baton expands to either 16, 21, or 26 inches in length giving the officer the desired length he or she needs to effectively defend themselves or to force a submission upon an unruly suspect.


expandable police baton

By far one of our best sellers, these expandable police batons have proven themselves very effective in both offense and defense. They are also conveniently carried inside the included holster that comes with it. The holster fits right on a belt making sure that the telescopic baton is always within easy reach.


steel batons in holster

Both of these police batons are highly effective for their intended purpose. However, proper training in their use is highly recommended to become most proficient. In both offensive and defensive uses, either of these police weapons can inflict serious damage including broken bones. Proper use of force should always be adhered to.

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