Pink Wildfire

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This pink pepper spray by Wildfire gives you primary protection against assault yet maintains your fashion sense. Carry with you at all times.


The Wildfire pepper spray is available in this pink leather holster. It also comes with a keyring so you can either add keys to it or add it to your existing keychain.

Pink Wildfire Pepper Spray

This 1/2 ounce OC spray shoots a stream of debilitating hotness out to a range of 6-8 feet and gives you about 10 short bursts.

Pink Wildfire pepper spray is an inflammatory agent, not an irritant. It causes physical inflammation of the tiniest capillaries in the eyes, nose, and throat making seeing nearly impossible and breathing extremely difficult.

A person can not "fight through it" because our physiology causes a self-defense mode reaction. The eyes shut to try and stop the pain, breathing is difficult because their airways are inflamed. And the attacker's mind will only be screaming for relief by way of a bucket of water.

If you have a sense for fashion but also want to maintain your safety, carrying this little pink package will give you both. Maintaining your safety is really another way of saying keeping your freedom. If you're too afraid to go outside because of the ever-increasing amount of crime, you can add a layer of protection by keeping a defensive spray with you at all times.


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