Digital Phone Recorder

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There are many reasons why some of today's conversations may need to be recorded, and using the latest technology will allow anyone to do so with ease, convenience and speed.

There are many reasons why some of today's conversations may need to be recorded, and using the latest technology will allow anyone to do so with ease, convenience, and speed.

Technology's come a long way in reducing costs on hi-tech gear!

With this awesome digital phone recorder, you can easily record phone conversations and even room conversations. Digital recordings can be played, replayed and recorded over, without a loss in the quality. If you want to save something, you can transfer it via USB (cable included) to another device or your computer.

Digital Phone Recorder - For Your Conversations

It's easy to connect to your phone and everything you need is included. Have an important conference call you need to be on and want to review later? Or maybe you want to record the details of a certain conversation.

Digital Conversation RecorderThese tiny recorders have a voice activation feature which saves hours of review time by only recording when sound is detected. That means you can "hide it" somewhere all day, while it only records when there is someone talking or some other noise in the room. It will covertly start all on its own and stop when the conversation is over.

This recording device provides both telephone and room monitoring.

This trusty little phone digital recorder can store up to 864 hours in long play mode. It's simple and very easy-to-use. You can also carry it around with you, and use it to take "verbal notes" that you speak into it. Writers and other professionals can speak into the device when they have a "thought" and they want to remind themselves later.

Small business owners always have a ton of things going on and wouldn't you love an "extension of your memory". There are many uses for this little spy gadget, and if you want one, you should have one. Sometimes that is the only reason we need to get a technological gadget these days.

Connect to an open jack and record all conversations on your home phone!

Specifications: Supports 4GB capacity, Voice and music player format: MP3, Three modes (HQ, LP, SP), External professional microphone, Built-in high-grade microphone and louder speaker, Line-in, Digital voice recorder function, flash disk, Telephone conversations, Supports VOR function, With mp3 player support A-B repeat function.

Can annotate the date and time when the recording starts,

  • Memory: 4GB
  • Recording time - LP: 864 hours, SP: 192 hour
  • The files can store 99 messages
  • USB cable: PC Interface USB1.1 FULL Speed
  • Key lock function
  • S/N (ratio) 90dB
  • Power: 1.5V AAA Alkaline Battery×2
  • Weight: About 32g (without Battery)
  • Dimensions: 28.2mm x 111mm x 13.8mm
  • Battery life: 17 hours

For the money, you will not find a better device!

Includes: Manual, USB Transfer Cable, Microphone, Earphones, 3.5mm Male to Male Audio Cable, Phone Adapter, Phone Cable.

Microphone, Cables, Earphones for Recorder

The floor is yours!

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