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Pepper Spray Directions

Directions for Pepper Shot Pepper Spray


Directions for using Pepper Spray:

1. Hold can in the upright position.
2. Turn actuator to remove the safety.
3. Direct spray at the face of the attacker.
4. Press down firmly and spray liberally. Then run for help. Approximately 10 bursts available.
5. Effective range 6-8 feet.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 10% Oleoresin Capsicum in a non-toxic, non-flammable, non-lethal solution pressurized with nitrogen. Also, contains a non-toxic vegetable dye to aid in assailant identification.

EFFECTS: Pepper Shot causes pain, inflammation on the eyes, nose, and upper respiratory system. Effects will last for approximately 45 minutes.

TREATMENT: Avoid accidental contact with eyes, skin, or mucous membranes. In case of external contact, flush thoroughly with water. Do not rub. Call physician.

WARNING:  The use of this substance or device for any purpose other than self-defense is a crime under the law. Contents are dangerous - use with care. Misuse is punishable by jail, fines, or both. Go to Pepper Shot Pepper Spray!

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