Pepper Spray in California

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Pepper Spray California

As one of the largest states and one of the highest populations, you could probably guess that we send a lot of pepper spray to California. Yet we still get questions about whether it is legal for Californians to carry and use this self defense product.

Pepper Spray California

Pepper Spray California

It is perfectly fine for normal citizens to possess and use pepper sprays as long as it is used in a lawful manner and the canister is not larger than 2 and a half ounces. I guess they don't want you to be carrying around large quantities of the stuff dispersing it everywhere you go and causing havoc everywhere. Sounds reasonable.

Most personal sprays are only around a half ounce anyway so having up to the legal limit of it is more than plenty to take care of someone who is attacking you. A single blast to the face causes a person intense pain and an excruciating feeling of being on fire. Once that happens, the only thing they want to do is find themselves some water or anything at all to stop it.

If you're on the fence about pepper spray in California, you can get off now. It is perfectly legal for you to own, carry, and use where appropriate. There are no laws against it unless you're already a criminal.

Keeping one on you at all times is one of the best ways to prevent or ward off an attack in the first place. Most police officers carry pepper spray so that should tell you something about its effectiveness. They rely on it and so can you!


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