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Pick up some extra ammo here.

Have your own paintball war! You'll know if you hit your target by the splatter. Give em a good solid hit!

Paintballs for your blow gun or slingshot. Non-toxic, water-soluble .40 cal paintballs. Comes in 100, 250, or 1000 count.

Blowgun Paintballs

Balls of Paint for your Blow Guns 

Blowgun paintballs are a lot of fun shooting them at each other. You can use a blow gun or a slingshot to try and hit your opponent.  These also fit in any 40 caliber paintball gun so you can load up for that here too.

Want to give your kids something to do that they will absolutely love?

Give them a wooded area to play in and let them go at it. There's plenty of games to play: capture the flag, eliminate the enemy, buddy up teams, and you can find other games online also.

Using paintballs as ammunition, they won't get seriously hurt and it washes out so Mom will be happy too. They can sting a bit, but nothing that bad and if you don't want to get stung, then try not to get hit!

Of course, plain ol target practice is more fun since you get to see a splattering of paint where you hit. By using a more visual type of ball ammo, you don't have to go downrange to check on exactly where you hit. You'll be able to see right away and from a distance.

1000 Count of Blowgun Paintballs

As a means to release all your aggression in just under an hour, nothing beats a game of paint ball.  It works out not just your muscles but also your brain.  It's an excellent game for adults and teens and can be a fun way to spend time with your family and friends.  It's also a proven technique to help you release stress and is becoming a popular tool used for team building with your co-workers.

The floor is yours!

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