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Ninja Gear

Individual weapons in a variety of points, shapes, and sizes to practice Shurikenjutsu (the art of throwing a shuriken).

ninja stars stuck in boardThe ninja star is an ancient weapon of choice used to inflict damage and injury from a distance. Accurately throwing these shurikens were a hallmark of the Japanese Ninja.

Some martial artists still train with these. And for many, it is a sport similar to knife throwing.

Being able to hit your target consistently takes practice. But once you get the hang of it, you'll be hitting your target every time. Star throwing can be made into a fun backyard competition. All it takes is your stars and something to throw them at, such as the target board.

A small file may be used to sharpen or resharpen your stars.

Ninja Gear Few warriors have commanded as much mystery and respect as the Ninja, and with good reason. Originally, Ninjas were a group of regular farming citizens who were used to fight back against the Samurai warrior class in ancient times.

The Samurai warrior class, ostensibly tax collectors, developed into a rather abusive system that took advantage of their status and power to relieve citizens of their goods and sometimes their lives. Groups of men decided to fight back with stealth, and developed as mercenaries, arsonists and assassins who fought to relieve the Samurai pressure.

Due to the nature of their tasks, Ninja relied upon stealth.

Over time, true Ninjas became fighters who were taught the tricks of the trade from childhood. From martial arts to using weapons to scale a castle wall, Ninjas relied upon their ability to move quickly and quietly over obstacles.

In addition, they believed in using weapons from afar, which is why the Ninja star, throwing knives and other types of distance weapons are linked so closely with the Ninja. Traditional Ninja gear included everything from grappling hooks to knives, but these fighters were also expected to use anything at hand and improvise within the situation as it developed.

They also were some of the finest rock climbers the world has ever seen, and employed foot spikes, hand held thrusters and rope to scale the most intimidating wall or obstacle. In addition to their skill with weapons, the Ninjitsu form of martial arts is quite an impressive area of knowledge unto itself. Although not as popular as other forms of martial arts, it is still being practiced today.

Whether you like to collect authentically styled Ninja gear and weapons or would like to learn a new and impressive skill, our selection of stars, knives and other tools are high quality and very portable. You can enjoy the combination packs, or acquire your collection piece by piece. Our gear can help you climb a wall, shoot a dart, throw a knife or just practice your hand-eye coordination. Naturally, only practice and patience can give you true Ninja warrior skills, but having the right gear can help you head in the right direction.