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Have you ever gotten home and just felt like someone had been there…uninvited? Maybe things seem out of place or you just have an uneasy feeling about it.


Motion Detector Alarm Constantly Monitors Your Target Area for Unwanted Intruders

Motion Detector with Security AlarmHave you ever gotten home and just felt like someone had been there…uninvited?  Maybe things seem out of place or you just have an uneasy feeling about it.

You're a single woman with a weird landlord, or your ex is letting himself into the house when you are not home. Maybe your neighbor is not so trustworthy, and letting him or her have an extra key wasn't such a good idea. If someone is coming in while you are gone, would they try to break into your home in the middle of the night?

It is a horrible feeling when you don't even have any privacy in your own home – and it is even more scary thinking you could be harmed by someone, let alone someone you know. Not only has your privacy been compromised but your sense of security has also been taken away.

The Motion Detector with Security Alarm is a perfect alarm as a solution for any of the above scenarios. This unit will be set off with a high pitched alarm when someone walks through the motion detected area – definitely waking you up if someone comes in the middle of the night. The alarm will deter them from going further – they will assume it is a monitored alarm, and think the police are on the way.

If someone is coming in while you are not at home, the alarm will tell you. When returning home from work or a day of shopping, the LED light flashes 3 times, which indicates that there has been an intrusion since the last time you armed it.

Take control of the situation and install a wireless home alarm. This is a self-install unit, no need for professionals. It is not monitored by an alarm company, so there are no monthly costs. It is simply an inexpensive way to keep your home protected – as well as yourself. You will no longer need to wonder if someone has been in your house while you are away. No more worrying about being safe at home alone at night.

Unique passive infrared system concentrates on the protected area you select. The motion detector alarm studies the area and responds with a 105 dB alarm only when a person moves into the protected area. In the entry chime mode, the chime will "ding" each time motion is detected. Motion detector alarm can provide valuable protection for your home and property. No wiring required, battery operated, easy installation.

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  • Motion sensor detects motion and activates the alarm.
  • Programmable security code and entry delay timing.
  • Built-in high output 105db alarm.
  • Alarm/door chime option.
  • Panic Button triggers alarm immediately.
  • Program and low battery indicator.
  • Verification tone for keypad and arm/disarm.
  • 9V battery operated (battery not included) and AC adapter compatible.
  • 110-degree operating range out to 40 feet.

There is a 60-second delay after arming for sensor warm up and exit delay. When activated, the alarm cycles twice with 30 or 60-second rest in between. The duration of the alarm can be programmed for 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or 90 seconds. You can also program a re-entry delay so it will not go off when you come home. You'll have time to disarm it.

Intrusion Memory Indicator - Motion detector alarm "remembers" if someone has set off the alarm. When you disarm the unit, if the LED flashes 3 times, it indicates that there has been an intrusion during the last arming mode. Be sure to check your home/office thoroughly after entering.

Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Motion Detector Alarm

The motion detector alarm is a favorite home and business security gadget because it is effective, unobtrusive and convenient to use.  The system is equipped with a motion detector or sensor that is connected to an alarm system that may either sound a loud warning to alert the occupants regarding an intrusion or send an alert signal to a third party to inform them of a possible burglary.  If you have plans of using a motion detector alarm for your home or business, here are the most common mistakes you should avoid making:

It’s all about location, location, location

Place the motion detector alarm system in an area where it is needed most.  For example, if the front yard or that small space between the garage and the fence is especially vulnerable to an unwanted visitor, you might want to consider placing the alarm system there.

Do not place the motion detector alarm in an area even if it may not be vulnerable just for convenience.  If there is no power outlet in the area where you want it placed, install one and don’t simply place the system somewhere else because you don’t want to be bothered with providing a power source. 

Turn off the motion Sensor if not needed

The motion detector alarm sends out a pattern of light within a specific area.  Anyone or anything that blocks this pattern disrupts it, which prompts the system to switch on an alarm.  This alarm can either be audible or silent.  If it’s audible, it will immediately send out a loud noise to alert those concerned regarding a possible burglary.  If it is silent, it will send out an alert to a third party who will then confirm with the home or business owner before alerting the police.

Either way, it could cause some inconvenience and unnecessary confusion in case the alarm is triggered accidentally.  To avoid making this mistake, turn on the alarm only when you need an area monitored.  If security risk is low, such as during daytime when there are family members present or when security personnel are available, you might consider disarming the system, at least temporarily.  You can turn it on again during hours when the area is at its most vulnerable.

Inform other people regarding your motion system

There is no reason at all for any home or business owner to inform people that they have installed a motion detector alarm. It’s like making an announcement regarding the correct combination on your lock.

It pays to be prudent regarding your home’s security alarm system.  The fewer people you tell regarding it, the better it is for you.  Remember that a thief forewarned is a thief forearmed.  It is quite possible for an experienced burglar to locate your motion detector alarm system (thanks to you), disarm it and enter your premises.

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