Pepper Gel Spray

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Pepper gel nearly eliminates blowback from the wind and only affects what it directly gets in contact with. Super Hot ooze sticks to their face!


Large Pepper Gel in the Face

This large canister of pepper gel has 38 one second blasts of extremely hot and very sticky pepper spray inside of it. The large size is good for multiple attackers or multiple occurrences of needing a self defense spray.

A Big Canister of Pepper Gel Spray

Because it is gel and not a stream or fogger, the hotness will stay together and only go where you aim it. Perfect for inside a home, apartment, camper, RV, or even a store where you do not want the oc pepper to go everywhere and fill up the whole room.

Using gel is the best way to prevent others from coming in contact with the spray and to prevent the inhalation of the burning substance.

At 9 ounces and a pistol grip for a handle, this large pepper gel spray is easy to wield, easy to aim, and simple to unleash its protectiveness against your assailants.

Some states have restrictions on Pepper Sprays. Check if your state has restrictions here: Shipping Restriction

We have other sizes of this type as well as regular large canisters for crowd control.

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