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Rechargeable LED Camping Lamp with Power Bank

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Bright light illuminates your tent or dining room during a power outage. Can recharge your phone or other smart devices.

This light-weight and convenient device is a must for camping, outdoor events, or emergency preparedness. It is a lantern for a dependable source of light with a built-in power bank to recharge cell phones or other electronic devices.

It provides a bright circle of 256 lumen light, perfect for campsites or when the power goes out. It can also be set to a lower lumen level to save battery life.

Its water resistant housing can be hung inside a tent, on a branch, or clipped to your backpack. Can be easily recharged using the included micro-USB recharging cord.

Lantern Flashlight

Lantern Charges other Devices


  • Big Field of Vision: Provides 360 degrees of bright light.
  • Two Light Modes: High provides 256 lumens. Low delivers 42 lumens, saving battery life.
  • Hands Free Convenience: Can be hung in a tent or on a tree branch or clipped to a backpack.
  • Power Bank: Charge your phone or other mobile devices.
  • Water Resistant: Can be relied upon even in bad weather. Warranty: 1 year

Contents: GF Thunder Rechargeable LED Camping Lamp with Power Bank. Charging cable.

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