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Knife Throwing Techniques

Knife throwing is considered a form of art and sportsmanship, and many covet the skill that knife throwers possess. Even today, there are many competitions, festivals, and carnivals which all feature knife throwing. It looks easy until you try it and realize that it takes a lot more than luck to strike a target.

Knife Throwing Techniques

While, as with any sport, everyone may develop their own individual style, there are some tried and true basics for knife throwing techniques. The popular grips are called the hammer grip and the pinch grip, and the weight of your knife and its balance help determines the type of grip. There are many guides available to help you learn the proper knife throwing technique.

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You must also work with the knife's center of gravity when throwing it at the target. Most experts advise that you work fairly close to your target at first until you are able to stick the knife in the target. Once you become more proficient, you can begin to work your way back and develop your length of the throw right along with the accuracy. You want to adopt a technique which will allow you to calibrate the number of spins the knife takes before it hits the target. This is how people develop their deadly accuracy and force.

When throwing, obviously you want to use extreme caution. Never throw with people or animals close by, as the knife could ricochet off the target and hit someone. Use a proper stance as well in order to maintain your balance. Ideally, you want the knife to leave your hand as the hand is pointed directly toward the target.

If possible, get an expert to teach you the tricks of knife throwing, or attend a festival in which this activity is featured. After you have mastered the basics, you can begin to hone your skill and create an unforgettable learning experience.

When you decide that you want to learn how to throw knives, you must have good knives that are created for that specific purpose. Regular kitchen knives are not meant for this, and you will only ruin them and possibly endanger yourself.

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