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Keychain Defense Items

There are several items you can use for personal defense that you can carry on your keychain.

The benefit of having your self defense device on your keychain is that it is normally always with you. You take your keys with you when driving or pretty much whenever you leave your house.

Having something you can use to protect yourself at all times is the most important thing. Your keychain personal defense item should be readily accessible and immediately effective. Here are some popular items.

Top 5 Personal Keychain Defense Items

Keychain Pepper Spray for Personal Defense

The most common and well known personal keychain defense tool is Pepper Spray. This product is sprayed into the face of an attacker, mugger, or would-be rapist to force them to stop. It is very effective as long as you get them in the face where it can hit their eyes and nose.

Once the self defense spray is in their eyes, they have no choice but to close them and seek out a way to stop the burning. As they breathe in the mixture, their lungs will also have a hard time breathing because the capillaries get inflamed and stops all but life support breathing.

This is a good choice for most everyone because it is easy to use, inexpensive, and not obnoxious looking; but most works!


Kubotan for Personal Defense - Fits on Keychain

The kubotan is a metal keychain weapon that can be used to inflict pain through pressure points, jabbing to the eyes, or swinging the blunt object at the person you are defending against.

If you hold your keys, the kubotan will be at the end of your reach and be the part that hits your assailant. You can target the head, knuckles, shins, or any bony part of the body and it will cause pain.

Keeping up a barrage of attacks may be all you need to do to make the person find an easier target. Most criminals that are interviewed while in prison have said they do not want the hassle or attention generated by a person who fights back.

They'd rather you succumb or give in and if you put up a fight, they will probably get the heck out of there so they don't get caught.

Mace Baton

The Mace baton is a variation of the regular kubotan with a twist. It contains a fair amount of pepper spray you can direct at your foe. The spray is discharged by pressing the end of it while the end that you have pointed at your opponent will emit the debilitating spray.

If you run out of pepper spray without hitting your target, you can still use the mace baton as an effective kubotan weapon that you can hit with, target eyes, and inflict pain through pressure points and hitting bone.

Heart Attack

Keychain Personal Defense Knife

This plastic keychain knife is designed to be held in your fist and used as a punch assist. Similar to holding your keys between your fingers and punching that way, this Heart Attack will deliver a powerful blow and cause substantial injury to someone that is attacking you.

The person who gets injured the most first is usually the one who loses the fight. Once you have neutralized your attacker, you can get away and call for help.

Personal Alarm

Keychain Personal or Panic Alarm

These panic alarms are excellent attention-getters. The loud sound emitted from these devices alerts everyone within hearing distance that you are in trouble and need help.

As previously stated, an attack doesn't want attention and when there is a loud noise around, they will want to get the heck out of dodge instead of sticking around waiting for the cavalry to come running.

Stun Gun

Lastly, stun guns are getting smaller and smaller every year yet remaining powerful weapons in defending against attack.

The shock value of stunning someone is usually enough to make them want to back off and go elsewhere.

Many people have had success by only discharging the stun device in the air creating the loud electrical discharging sound. Anyone seeing and hearing that instinctively doesn't want to experience the full effect of the juice.   Personal Defense Keychain Stun Gun You have to weigh the option of waiting until you can make contact with the person or giving a warning that you are armed with a stun gun.

Either way, you will get a reaction and your intent is to get away from harm as quickly as possible. Anything you can do to help you escape is the right thing to do.

Keep Your Keychain Defense On You

Having a personal keychain defense item is smart and gives you a great advantage against a bad guy wanting to do you harm.

Keeping it with you at all times is very important so you'll actually have it when you need it.

By attaching it to your keychain, you give yourself a very good chance you'll have something to protect yourself with when the time comes.

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The floor is yours!

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