Keychain Alarm

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The compact keychain alarm attaches easily to your keys so that it is always within reach and can be activated at the first sign of danger.

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Keychain Alarm
In stock
(2 reviews) Write a review


The keychain personal alarm attaches easily to your keys so that it is always within reach and can be activated at the first sign of danger.

A person is most likely to be attacked at night while walking to or from their car or home.

Keychain alarmThe keychain alarm performs two valuable functions making it the ideal product for your security and safety.

Personal Alarm - Pulling the safety pin from the base of the unit activates it. You can also press a button on the unit to make it sound off.

Mini-Flashlight - A separate button allows you to use the safety device as a bright flashlight without activating the loud siren.

No longer will you have to put yourself in potential danger by searching for keyholes in the dark. You will be able to quickly enter the safety of your home or vehicle.

Having a flashlight on your keychain ensures that you will always have a convenient source of light in an emergency. Great gift idea.

Keychain Alarm with Light

Keychain alarms are one of the fastest-growing segments in the self defense industry because an attacker’s worst enemy is attention. Personal alarms are legal to carry in all 50 states (even on airplanes!) and are a very safe method of self defense.

They require no training or skill to operate and can be used by anyone regardless of age or physical ability.

Victims can be too traumatized to shout for help in unfamiliar and dangerous situations, increasing their vulnerability. Criminals do not like to draw attention, and will likely run off when they realize the alarm cannot be stopped.

Key Chain Design Can Attach to Your Keys, Your Purse, Backpack or Briefcase

It is lightweight enough to attach to your keys with the included keyring chain. In the event of an emergency, pull the alarm from your keys or your bag and throw it several feet away from you. The assailant will not be able to silence the alarm.

130db loud and comes with a convenient light. The safety alarm is activated when the pin attached to the keychain is pulled.

You can also press the button on the top of the unit to test the unit or to give warning.

Keychain alarm can be used as a flashlight without activating the sound to provide additional night time safety.

One 12 volt battery included.


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