Improvised Weapons in Your Home

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Improvised Weapons in Your Home

While many if not most preppers own firearms as well as other intentional weapons, time should still be taken to think about improvised weapons found in the typical home. Now, when I say improvised, I’m not talking about sitting down and carving a prison shank out of a plastic hairbrush handle. No, I’m referring to things we all have in our homes that, in a pinch, could have self-defense applications.

Things you can use for self-defense in your home

Pick any room in your home and take a walk through it, thinking about the items you see lying about. In the front hallway, maybe you have a spot where you keep your car keys. Picking them up and letting the keys stick out between your fingers makes for a pretty decent weapon.keys as weapon

There you may also find an umbrella that could be jabbed at an attacker’s face or a dog leash that could be looped around the throat.

Many people keep their cleaning supplies in the laundry room. A shot of window cleaner to the face might work well, oven cleaner could be even better. A simple broom jabbed bristles first into the face will deter many aggressors.

Broom Bristles to the Face

The kitchen, of course, is rife with potential weapons. Knives, cleavers, rolling pins, heavy pots, and pans. Many of us keep firearms in the bedroom. Absent those things that go boom, you may have golf clubs or a baseball bat.

Heavy Pan

In the living or family room, maybe there is a small lamp or decorative paperweight you can throw. If you’re being pursued through the room, you could try to knock over end tables or other such furniture behind you to slow him down.

Remember, the point of these improvised weapons is not to think of them as being immediately lethal. The whole idea is to give you time to either get out of the house and find help or to take further action as may be necessary. Many of us don’t own enough firearms to keep one hidden in every room of the house. If you have small children, that probably wouldn’t be the best idea anyway.

Finally, a word of caution. When we were growing up, most of us probably learned the trick of combining hairspray with a lighter to make a small flamethrower. Sure, it looks pretty cool and could be intimidating but let’s say, just for the sake of argument, your attacker gets a face full of the flames.

He isn’t going to sit down and give up. He’s much more likely to go running through your house, bumping into furniture, curtains, and other flammable objects. Now, not only do you need to explain why there’s a guy on your living room floor with 3rd-degree burns on his face, you’re having to call the fire department before the whole place goes up in flames.


The floor is yours!

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