Using a Stun Flashlight for Self Defense

Stun Flashlight for Self Defense

Fifteen percent of people in the U.S. are victims of crime. When it comes to walking alone at night, women, in particular, are common targets for crime. It's a sad fact of the world that human beings are animals and often want to do terrible things to each other.

Thankfully, you can fight back.

Just because you're an upstanding, non-violent member of society doesn't mean that you have to remain defenseless. There are many self-defense tools out there to help you ward off attackers in worst-case scenarios. One of the best tools out there for a civilian is a stun flashlight for self defense.

But what is a stun flashlight?

If you've found yourself wondering what this efficient self-defense tool is, you've come to the right place. This article will walk you through all you need to know about this shocking innovation.

What Is a Stun Flashlight?

A stun flashlight is a small self-defense weapon that combines the capabilities of a stun gun and a flashlight.

A stun gun is a small weapon that administers high-voltage electricity to an attacker to stop them in their tracks. It transfers energy into a person's muscles, rendering them incapable of attacking.

The BashLite Electric Stun Gun Flashlight

A flashlight is self-explanatory — we've all used them. However, many people don't understand how a flashlight can be used for self-defense. Simply shine a high-powered flashlight at your attacker from a distance; the high-powered beams will blind your attacker and make it difficult for them to see — even in the surrounding darkness.

A stun gun flashlight is a flashlight that has stun gun capabilities. You can use the flashlight to protect yourself at a distance, the stun gun to stun someone up close, and the flashlight to help find your way to safety.

How to Use a Stun Flashlight For Self Defense

The first step to making sure you can protect yourself with your stun flashlight is to get familiar with it. Familiarity breeds efficiency. Get used to the feel of the flashlight in your hand, and become comfortable holding it, so you don't wind up dropping it if the time to use it comes.

Understand how to switch off your safety quickly and efficiently, without hurting yourself. Practicing operating your stun gun, so you know what sort of sights and sounds it creates. One of your biggest advantages in using a stun flashlight for self defense is the element of surprise you have on your opponent — familiarize yourself with the weapon so you can get the most out of this surprise.

Target larger masses on your opponent that won't be moving. Aim for the shoulder, stomach, or chest since these areas are harder to pull away. Try to make contact with their underarm so that your strike can affect their Axillary Nerve; this will surely put them out of commission long enough for you to get yourself away.

Don't worry about maiming your opponent; stun guns are built to temporarily disable a person's muscles but not to permanently injure them.

Where to Get a Stun Flashlight

A stun flashlight is a wonderful way to defend yourself at night. However, your chances of defending yourself decrease rapidly when you use equipment that's not as tough as you are.

Thankfully, we have the right option for you.

Stun Flashlight - Poice Force

The Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun is a 6.5-inch defender that's guaranteed with police strength protection. This flashlight stun gun has three points of stun contact, which means you're more likely to meet your target and defend yourself. It emits a bright burst of light, which scares many attacked off at first glance.

But that's not all.

The Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun isn't just designed to look like a flashlight; it's an extremely efficient one as well. The beam on the flashlight is so powerful that there's a very good chance you can shine it in your attacker's eyes before they strike. Use this as an opportunity to run away for help or to close the gap and strike.

Self Defense Stungun Flashlight

The small size of this Stun Flashlight makes it easy to bait your opponent out. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to defend yourself, you can reach into your bag to pretend you're looking for money and pull out your stun flashlight to shock them. The small model most likely won't be seen in your and at all at night.

Satisfied reviewers report feeling safer after purchasing this Stun Flashlight for walking at night.

Other Types of Stun Guns

Keep in mind that there are other self-defense tools to use for self-defense at night. The Police Force 9,000,000 Stun Gun Baton might not be as subtle as a flashlight stun gun, but it sure is powerful.

Stun Gun Baton

A weapon like this combines the striking capabilities of a baton with the shock-and-awe of a stun gun. It can be jabbed forward like a typical stun gun and has a wider range than most stun guns on the market. This is good if you find yourself trapped against an attacker with a knife.

The weapon can also be swung like a baton. Anyone trained or untrained in baton usage will find it an effective tool for batting knives out of hands and incapacitating targets.

The extreme control and range of this stun gun make it easier than ever to blind an attacker. If the situation doesn't call for a strike, you can put the baton in front of your attacker's face and turn it on to temporarily incapacitating them. This will give you enough distance to stay away from stray strikes and enough time to escape.

Defend Yourself with a Flashlight for Self Defense

The world is an imperfect place, and people want to commit crimes. Thankfully, there are weapons out there like the stun flashlight to help you defend yourself. Make sure you know your stun flashlight well, consider other types of stun guns and understand where to buy a stun flashlight to make sure you keep yourself protected.

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