10 Must-Have Home Security Devices

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Home Security Devices

In 2017, almost eight million property crimes were committed in the United States. Unfortunately, burglary is something that we all have to prepare for. No matter how safe your neighborhood may seem, there's always a risk of a break-in.

Don't let you or your family become a victim of a property crime. Always make sure that you're prepared for the worst by equipping your house with the latest technology. Turn your house into an impenetrable fortress with these must-have home security devices:

1. Concealed Gun Safe

When gun safes are kept out in the open, your family could be endangered. Not only can intruders take advantage of your weapons, but children can access the safe as well. The only way to prevent anyone from toying with your weapons is to conceal your entire gun safe.

This QuickVent Safe is one of the most inconspicuous home security products you can find. It appears to be a typical HVAC vent, but it actually opens to reveal your personal items. The safe itself is 14" x 3" x 6.25" making it roomy enough to store weapons and other valuables.

Concealed Gun Safe

The vent doesn't open for just anyone--you don't have to memorize a special code to open it either. All you need is an RFID card. Simply scan your card on the vent, and the lock will open.

Keep the card on you at all times. If there's ever an intruder in your home, you can quickly obtain your self-defense weapons.

2. Barking Dog Alarm

Don't have a dog to keep your home safe? Luckily, you don't need one. This Barking Dog Alarm imitates a dog so you don't even need to own one.

Place the alarm anywhere inside your home, RV, or warehouse to deter intruders. This home security device can detect movement through walls, doors, or glass. As soon as someone nears the alarm, it will begin to sound off a dog bark.

Dog Barking Security Device

The dog bark gets louder and more ferocious as the intruder approaches, and gets quieter as the intruder backs away. When people hear a vicious dog, it's human nature to stay away from the area.

If you have a bear problem, this device can work just as well. Dog barks ward off both bears and burglars.

The alarm can also be changed from a dog barking sound to a chime. The chime can function as a way to let you know when a guest has arrived.

3. Hidden Cameras

Let's say that your home does end up getting broken into when you're not home. That means that no one would be able to describe or identify the perpetrator. Intruders can easily find and destroy obvious security cameras--that's why you need ones that are hidden.

Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras come in the form of electrical outlets, air fresheners, alarm clocks and more. No one can find a camera that's disguised as a typical object. Most devices will allow you to connect the device to the computer in order to view the recordings.

These hidden security cameras are also helpful if you suspect your nanny, housekeeper, or caretaker from stealing your belongings. These devices are motion-activated, so they're perfect to catch them in the act.

4. Door and Window Alarms

This door and window alarm is one of the best home security devices, as it can tell you if someone is sneaking in or out of your house. This device doesn't have to be used solely for intruders. Place it on doors, windows, cabinets, cupboards, drawers, and more.

Maybe you have a rambunctious child that likes to get their hands on snacks inside of your fridge. Place an alarm on the fridge to prevent your child from snacking on junk food. You can even use it to stop your rebellious teenager or your elderly loved ones from sneaking out of the house.

Key Alarm

Most alarms can shut off when you press the "off" switch. This allows a teenager or intruder to easily find and flip the switch before entering or leaving the home. However, with this specific door and window alarm, you're required to enter a deactivation key to stop the alarm.

You don't even have to worry about a challenging installation process with this alarm. All you have to do is place the unit and magnetic bar on the frame of your window or door.

5. Diversion Safes

Intruders know where to look to find your money and valuables. They'll immediately check under your mattress, snoop through your drawers, and try to crack the code on your safe. Why not hide your money in a place that an intruder would never think to check?

In 2016, the average amount of property stolen from a victim's home was worth $1,400. That's why you should definitely invest in a diversion safe to protect your hard-earned cash.

Diversion safes allow you to store your money or belongings inside of common household items. Choose from soda cans, coffee, creamers, lint rollers, books, and more designed to look like the real thing. They even come with a realistic weight to make it seem like the container is actually full.

Diversion Soda Safe

With a Soda Can Safe, all you have to do is take the top off of the can to expose a small space. Inside, you can place anything that you want to keep safe. Store it in the fridge to make it seem like a genuine can of soda.

6. Rock Safe

Don't hide your house key under your welcome mat. This makes it easy for intruders to locate your key and break into your home. Choose to store it inside of a Stone Safe instead.

This safe looks like a typical stone. It'll blend right in with your outdoor decorations or garden--just place the safe in an area that won't make it look too obvious.

Having a hidden rock safe can also be convenient for you and your family members. The last thing you want is to come home from a long day at work, only to find that you forgot your house key. With a rock safe, you can simply grab the spare key hidden inside and let yourself inside.

7. Dummy Cameras

You don't want to pay the expensive price for one of those high-tech home security systems, but you still want the same protection. By installing fake, dummy cameras around your home or business, you can still keep intruders away. These fake devices look super-realistic--they come with a blinking red light, housing, and even power cables.

With so many homes being susceptible to thieves, home security devices have become essential. Burglars always look for cameras on a home. In fact, they're more likely to rob homes that seem to have no cameras.

Burglars won't be able to determine whether your cameras are real or fake. When they see anything that resembles a camera, they tend to stop in their tracks. The last thing they want is to be caught.

8. Motion Detector Alarm

You live alone, and you're worried that someone will break into your house when you're not home. Even worse, you're more afraid of encountering a burglar when you're home alone and defenseless. Get some peace of mind by installing a Motion Detector Alarm.

Motion Detector Alarm

This alarm is programmed to release a high-pitched sound as soon as someone enters the area protected by the alarm. Not only will you be alerted, but the intruder will be frightened. The sound will make them think that the police have been contacted, and they'll likely flee the scene.

You don't have to worry about not knowing if someone breaks into your home either. If the light on the alarm flashes three times, that means that someone has broken in after the most recent time that you armed it. Place the alarm in a place that you need to be protected--the garage, front of the house, or backdoor are all suitable for this handy alarm.

9. Driveway Alarm

Installing a Driveway Alarm can alert you when someone has entered your driveway. Catch any unexpected visitors before they enter your home. When you hear the alarm sound, you can check to see who's pulling into your driveway and proceed to call the police if you feel that you may be in danger.

You can also choose to change the device's sound from an alarm to a chime. The next time you invite your friends for dinner, you'll know when to let them in. A driveway is also helpful for businesses--it can let you know when a customer has arrived at your store.

10. IntelliSpy Home Security

This IntelliSpy Home Security Camera provides you a high-quality video with a full 360-degree view. Place the camera in any location that you want to protect, and you'll be able to view the footage live on your phone.

The camera only records when it detects motion. That way, you won't have to go through tons of film footage just to find a single moment.

You'll also be able to hear audio through the camera. Better yet, you can talk through your smartphone so that the person near the camera can hear you. This amazing device can help you keep a watchful eye on your home when you're not around.

Find the Best Home Security Devices

Securing your home can make you feel a lot safer and much less anxious. Simply installing home security devices can protect you and your family from any dangerous criminals. Check out this article for more advice on how to choose the right home security system.


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