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Home Security Cameras

According to a report by the United States Justice Department, close to 4 million burglaries happen every year. Of these burglaries, over 1/4 of them took place while a family member was home.

We know you’re willing to do everything you can to protect your family.

But with gun violence on the rise, you may feel as though you want to look into other options before you apply for a gun license.

The first step to stopping a home invasion? Preventing it from happening at all.

That’s where home security cameras come in.

In this post, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about why you need home security cameras. We’ll explain the benefits they offer, and where you can find the right system for you.

Even if you already have some home security systems in place, like motion sensor alarms, security cameras are a great next step.

Don’t let anxiety about burglaries and home invasions make you feel powerless. Instead, empower yourself with this information.

Why Do I Need Home Security Cameras?

If you live in a “safe” neighborhood, or completely trust the people working in your home, the sad reality is, circumstances change fast.

That makes even the best types of people more willing to look into the worst kinds of ways to supplement their incomes.

Don’t let your family end up on the 6:00 news.

Also, keep in mind that theft and invasion aren’t the only reasons to buy security cameras.

They can also allow you to:

  • Make sure strangers don’t approach your children as they play in your yard
  • Let you know who is at the door – in case it’s that neighbor who only wants to talk about her cats…for hours.
  • Tell you if your home got hit by severe weather that happened while you were out of town
  • See if a housekeeper is stealing things from your home, or only partially cleaning it
  • Visually monitor your baby while you’re working in other rooms
  • Help police to identify criminals that may or may not have hit your house, or alert them to suspicious characters that are casing homes in your neighborhood
  • Make sure your teenagers aren’t engaging in any, um, extra extra-curricular activities
  • Give you peace of mind by telling you who is coming in and out of your home, and when
  • Keep an eye on rooms where you do business, or on employees in your office if you need to go out of town for a bit
  • Alert you to other natural disasters, even home fires, before they get seriously out of control
  • Potentially even be made aware of carbon monoxide poisoning (these days, many home security systems and devices also install a carbon monoxide detector if asked)
  • Guarantee that, if there is an issue in your home, you’ll get help right away – no need to wait for the police to arrive.
  • Help you to save money on the ever-increasing costs of getting homeowners insurance. Believe it or not, installing a security camera or other type of surveillance or alarm system can get you discounts on your insurance
  • Allow you to travel for longer periods of time without paying someone to stay in your home and keep it safe. Since you’ll have access to a live feed of your home or apartment, you’ll be able to see what’s going on anywhere, anytime

But Why Can’t I Just Get a Basic Alarm System?

Look – there’s nothing wrong with getting an alarm system without images or audio.

The fact is, depending on your location, and level of threat, they just may not do enough to keep you safe.

Keep in mind, too, that many alarm systems can fairly easily be turned off, uninstalled, or even smashed by thieves.

If someone who knows you personally wants to rob you, they may even be able to crack your alarm code.

This is also a good time to remind you that using your birthday or your house number as your code is a really terrible idea.

Plus, ask yourself: how many times have you run out of your house, already late to an appointment, and thought to yourself: Oh yeah – I forgot to turn on my alarm. Oh well! Can’t go back now.

With home security cameras, that doesn’t happen.

They’re on 24/7, and you don’t need to deal with the annoyance of racing back into your house and punching in your code before your alarm goes off.

To that end, be honest with yourself again: How many times have you heard someone else’s alarm go off in your own neighborhood, and thought to yourself, Oh, whatever. I’m sure it was probably just an accident.

You don’t want that to happen to you when there really is an emergency. Instead, you want access to real help, in real-time.

Finally, even if you do manage to find an alarm system that gives you remote access, you still likely won’t be able to see who is at the door.

Do you really want to have the cops come over to your house, guns blazing because your alarm went off when your sister-in-law was leaving you a gift at your door?

This doesn’t just waste the police officer’s time, it can also cause a pretty huge amount of stress for the person they’re trying to pin down as a thief!

Instead, rely on home security cameras to make sure that your home is supervised at all times. This way you don’t police won’t need to show up unnecessarily.

What Should I Look For In Home Security Cameras?

These days, there are more options than ever about the best types of security cameras.

There are even “dummy cameras” that don’t actually record at all, but just frighten off thieves because they look like they’re filming them.

If you’re limited on your budget, or if you just want a smaller camera as opposed to a full-fledged security system, a WIFI Home Security Camera is a great option.

It will let you see live video of the area you need covered anywhere you’ve got an Internet connection.

You can also control the camera through your smartphone, to shift the view you’re getting. And, to prevent grainy images that don’t really tell you much about who is actually on your front porch, these cameras project images in high definition.

Best of all, it also allows you to hear what’s going on at home, meaning it’s also ideal for monitoring teenagers you’ve left at home for the weekend, or a nanny you suspect may be up to something. Plus, the communication goes both ways, so if needed, you can let people know they’re being watched.

It also has a feature that you can set up to call your phone immediately when your camera senses motion, so you can see if it was set off by a delivery person or someone with unsavory intentions.

Need more advanced solutions?

You may be in the market for a total Home Surveillance System. These systems provide you with multiple cameras, meaning you can keep an eye on more areas of your home and property.

As with a smaller camera, you can access your "live home feed" from anywhere, and you can also review past recordings on the included DVR.

We especially like that these home security cameras aren’t detectable, but can still record clear pictures in any weather or lighting. How? Because they use infrared technology to create an invisible spotlight on the watched area.

To sum up, the type of home security camera you get installed depends on many factors. They are:

  • The size of the area you need covered
  • The importance of image quality
  • If you need to save video, or only need a live feed
  • Your personal comfort level
  • The security threats you’re facing (greater if you’re a high-profile/public person)
  • Your budget

Ready To Buy And Install Your Own Home Security Cameras?

Now that you’re armed with all the information you need about why you should consider buying home security cameras, and what type of camera is right for you, it’s time to take the next step.

Whether you’re ready to buy now, have questions about the installation process, or just want to learn more by speaking with a professional, we invite you to spend some time on our website.

By getting to know the best security products out there, you’ll sleep better at night knowing you’ve done everything you can to keep your family safe – without putting them at further risk because of the kinds of security prevention you’ve chosen.

When it comes to security, don’t settle for second best, and don’t wait one more day relying on an outdated system to keep burglars and invaders out of your home.

If you are looking to buy a home security camera, please contact us and let us help secure your home.


The floor is yours!

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