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Home Safety Items

Home safety products cover a wide range of topics all focused on keeping you and yours safe in your home. Home Safety is perhaps the most important thing in your life. Where else do you have an absolute expectation of being safe other than in your own home?

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For perimeter defense, we have numerous motion detection alarms that will alert you whenever someone is in an area they aren't supposed to be. These alarms can also let you know if someone is just coming up the driveway or towards the front door.

Home Safety Items

Some of our home safety devices will even call your cell phone if they detect a presence in an area that you have under alert. Our phone dialing alarms can be set up in the house or outside the home depending on what level of protection you are seeking.

Most all of them use infrared beams to protect an area. If the infrared beam is crossed, it sounds the alarm. If you get one that calls your phone, you will immediately get a phone call letting you know that your alarms have been triggered.

A pretty neat home safety device we carry is the phone that acts as a trip sensor and will inconspicuously call you at whatever phone number you want and let you listen in on who is in your house. Many parents have used this to get notified when their kids come home from school. Some people just want to know what's going on at home when they can't be there. This Telespy lets you listen in for 30 seconds whenever someone comes home (or breaks in).

Good for traveling but perfect for inside the home are door opening prevention devices. The door brace is 20 gauge steel and will not buckle under pressure. The door stop alarm fits under the door and prevents it from opening. If someone does try to open the door, it emits a very loud alarm. Perfect for blocking entrances when you're sleeping.

We also have a variety of door and window alarms that sound an alarm whenever a door or window is opened or disturbed. If someone tries to open a window, the alarm goes off. If they try a door, an alarm goes off. We also have a complete security system that incorporates motion detection, door and window alarms, and also calls your cell (or any other numbers you choose) if there is a trigger event.

Hiding valuables in your home can be cumbersome as well. Our diversion or hidden safes offer a great place to store valuables in places a burglar would never look. We have many hidden safes that could prove invaluable in the event of an actual break-in.

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