Home Invasions

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Home Invasion Protection

Home invasions are probably the scariest thing that could happen and the most terrifying to think about. Someone actually breaking into your home and either robbing you, killing you, or whatever worse thing they can think of. It's not far-fetched. It happens every day to the most unsuspecting people who think they are actually safe.

How to protect yourself from home invasion

Preventing and protecting yourself from a home invasion consists of vigilance and preparedness. Not only should you do what you can to avoid this unthinkable crime, but you also need to be prepared for what to do in case it does happen.

Early warning devices such as motion sensors and motion alarms are there so you can know when someone or something has invaded your space. Someone sneaking around outside in the bushes or boldly coming up the driveway can be known about in an instant and propel you into survival mode.

Burglar Using Bushes as Concealment

Not Home

The best option for a home invasion (if there is a best option) is for you not to be there. That can happen more often than not because the person or person's intent on getting into your house has probably staked you out and knows when you are there or not.

In these cases, you're lucky to be gone but still unlucky that your things are probably going to be stolen. In these situations, having the proper alarm in your home can alert the police and get them there, hopefully in time to catch the thieves.

If you don't have a monitored security system in place, you still have more inexpensive options. Internal motion sensors can scare off someone when they think you're not there. These are easy to set up and don't require any ongoing costs.

There are even home alarms that will call your cell phone, the police, or any number you choose when the sensor is the trigger. If you can get a call when someone is in your house when no one is supposed to be there, you'll know to call the police.

You can even listen in on the sounds that are in the room before you decide to call the police if you need to. These are called autodialers and call a preset number when the motion is detected.

In the House

If you are in your home when an invasion occurs, you have to act clearly and decisively. If they are there just to rob you, they may think you aren't there. When they find out you're there, they may quickly try to leave.

Or they may not. If their intention is on more than stealing the prized silverware, you have to defend yourself with everything you've got. You need to be prepared.

Having the proper tools in your house to protect yourself and your family is critical in these situations. A can of pepper foam or pepper gel to spray on the invader will incapacitate them to where they can't see and can hardly breathe. You must spray them in the face for this to be effective.

Pepper Foam

If they continue to fight with you, you'll want to have a more convincing tool to change their minds. The telescopic steel baton is one of the best options for this. These steel rods will break bones and cause a lot of pain. Don't be timid in using this. They are not shy in breaking into your house and trying to get what they want. They do not care about you or your safety, and if you go easy on them, you are only giving them a chance to hurt you.

A stun gun device can help repel them as well. The stun gun must make direct contact with the person to be effective where the TASER device can be fired from a distance. By far, the TASER weapon is the way to go as it will completely take over all muscular activity until you let them go. And they should not be let go until the police arrive.

Protection for Home Invasion

Home invasions are not something that happens only to other people. It could happen anywhere at any time, and it is up to you to be prepared for such an attack. The products on this website are designed to help people just like you keep them home secure and their families safe. Make sure you take advantage of what's available to you.


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