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Hand Gun Book Safe - Hides Your Pistol or Revolver | TBOTECH

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Hand Gun Book Safe

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You've found a hidden safe specifically designed to hide your handgun inside a hollow book!

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Gun safes are used to prevent unauthorized access to firearms and to prevent children from accessing handguns.

You've found a hidden safe specifically designed to hide your handgun inside a hollow book.

Book Safe for Gun

These handgun book safes are specially designed to fit most pistols and revolvers with up to six-inch barrels. You can trim away the protective material to fit your aftermarket sights or a laser.


  • Ultimate gun storage concealment when it counts.
  • Hidden in plain sight for your security needs when common weapon cases, holsters, and safes are simply out of reach or too obvious.
  • The custom protective inlay is made from MR3, a hydrophobic material that will not absorb or draw away the protective oils from your firearm.
  • Holds extra magazine
  • Modifications can be made to fit aftermarket sights, lasers, accessories, etc. Simply trim protective material to fit the need.
  • BookKASE™ book safe is designed to be on its side or stand vertically between other books on a bookshelf. The bottom of the cover is trimmed flat with the "pages" to offer support for the weight of your concealed guns.


Hollowed Out Gun Safe Book

Gun Storage Book

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Excellent product. My glock fits perfect my clip has its place. The cutouts are great they will fit any weapon different sizes I highly recommend this product I definitely would buy another one come the time.
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