GTA 5 Stun Gun

Posted by   Steve Thibeault
GTA 5 Stun Gun

Gamers everywhere are enthralled by the GTA V Stun Gun in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Grand Theft Auto V. It's a melee weapon of choice you use to temporarily paralyze people in the game. Choosing this weapon in GTA V will use up your pistol slot on the weapon wheel.

Just like the real life TASER PULSE it is modelled after, it shoots out probes attached to wire that pumps electricity into the person to immobilize them. In Chinatown Wars, you can't get it on the streets and must buy the taser from Ammu-Nation for three hundred bucks. In GTA 5, you can pick it up for only $100 at Ammu Nation. But the stun gun does not become available until you finish a specific mission. That mission is called "Monkey Business".

While it's designed to incapacitate rather than kill, you can only fire it one time before it needs to recharge. Recharging takes 4 seconds

Stun Gun from GTA V

If you're wondering if this is a real life weapon that you can purchase in real life, it is. Shown below is the TASER PULSE. You can shoot this weapon from up to fifteen feet away and your attacker will be completely unable to move until you turn it off. It forces all the muscles to involuntarily and forcefully tense up rendering the person incapable of doing any type of voluntary movement.

GTA V Taser

It's a directed energy weapon made by TASER International and can be found here at for a real life price of $399.99.



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