Gel Pepper Sprays

One of the benefits of gel pepper sprays is that it is a very sticky substance and when it hits the target (your attacker's face), it stays there and doesn't come off very easily. When they try to rub it off, it only gets more ingrained into their pores and causes even more pain.

Gel Pepper SpraysAnother great thing about gel is that is doesn't go everywhere when you spray it. It will only go where you aim it and won't get everywhere like a regular spray or fogger will tend to do. This makes it ideal for home protection indoors where you don't want the whole room filling up and causing everyone to suffer.

Both Wildfire and Mace brands make this sticky pepper spray and they come in different sizes. All of the pepper spray gel's have a longer distance range, stronger pepper mixture, they stick to the face like glue, less contaminating, and are nonflammable.